People's Assembly (Montania)

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People's Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Direct-democratic open air non-legislative assembly, unicameral
Chair of the People's Assembly
Vice Chair of the People's Assembly
J.J. Hakimoto, Labour Party

The People's Assembly of Montania is the national assembly of the People's Republic of Montania. It is chaired by the Chair of the People's Assembly and the Vice Chair of the People's Assembly.

Membership on the People's Assembly is guaranteed in the constitution to all citizens, and such other persons in the State as may be determined by law, without distinction of sex, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical capacity or mental capacity who have reached the age of thirteen years, and who is not placed under disability or incapacity by the Constitution or by law. The incumbent Chair of the People's Assembly is Richard Cunningham.


The People's Assembly does not possess the ability to pass legislation, as that power lies with the President. However, it may unilaterally repeal or veto any decree of the President.