Palace of the Kings

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Palace of the Kings
Palácio dos Reis
Former namesSinclair Palace
General information
Architectural styleRomanesque
ClassificationOfficial residence
Town or cityGillisburgh
Country Ebenthal
OwnerEbenthali Royal Family
LandlordArmando, 5th Baron of Roches
AffiliationClan Brum
Height8,5 meters
Technical details
Floor count3
Other information

The Palace of the Kings (Portuguese: Palácio dos Reis) is official residence and workingplace of the monarch of Ebenthal and the de facto residence of the Ebenthali Royal Family's core. The King, nonetheless, inhabits an apartment administrate altogether with the palace. Located on the Southern Borough of Gillisburgh, the palace was acquired in August 2020 by Armando, 5th Baron of Roches, father to King Arthur II of Ebenthal, and as every other royal palace of Ebenthal, it is privately owned and administrated by the reigning family.


The residence was given the name in Portuguese Palácio dos Reis, this means, "Kings Palace", as a reference to the Clan Brum's long royal ancestrality traced back to the kings of England, Scotland, France and Hungary. The name was thought after the palace's first given name of Sinclair Palace, after Lady Elisabeth Sinclair, Clan Brum's ancestors and its connection to the European medieval royalty.


The building was built in a romanesque style with some gothic influences. It is estimated that its construction began after 1936 and was finished before 1941, order by some wealthy family seeking to live a bohemian life next to Rio de Janeiro's most prominent cassinos and bars. In the 1970s the present-day Kings Palace was sold to the Bernardes family, who lived there until 2019. In the 1990s, in order to control the parking spots at the neighbourdhood, Rio de Janeiro's prefecture designated two parking spots for the residence at the street, thus expanding the limits of the terrain.

Vacant since the Bernardes family left in 2019, the building was put up for sale without much success due to the high price charged. In 2020, after 8 months of negotiations, Armando, Baron of Roches, bought the house for a smaller amount, having assumed the debts in taxes and fines of the house. Having reserved a room for his son, the then King Arthur II of Ebenthal, the residence, then a large unnamed house, was officially named "Sinclair Palace" in honor of Lady Elisabeth Sinclair, the family's ancestor. The name, however, was changed to "Palace of the Kings" in a few weeks, making reference to the European royal ancestors of the King of Ebenthal and the Baron of Roches through Elisabeth, who just formely gave the name to the palace.

Despite being called a palace, however, the Palace of the Kings does not have the architectural structure of a palace, even though it is a very large house. And despite being the official residence of the monarch, King Arthur lives in an apartment in the Northern Borough of Gillisburgh, jointly managed and therefore officially part of the Palace.


The palace is divided into two main floors, plus an attic and a basement. It has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, as well as a living room, dining room, kitchen, and three hallways. The palace is divided they following way:

  • The Social Pavillion: the living room, entrance hall and downstairs bathroom.
  • The Coffee with Biscuit Pavillion: the kitchen, dining room and balcony.
  • The Royal Pavillion: a simple bedroom, two suite bedrooms, the attic bedroom, one bathroom and the Kings Palace Observatory.
  • The Arts Pavillion: two hallways.
  • The Dungeon: the basement


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