Ebenthali Galleon

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Ebenthali Galleon
Galeão Ebenthali (Portuguese)
Banknotes2₲, 5₲, 10₲, 20₲, 50₲, 100₲, 200₲, 500₲, 1₲000 and 10₲000
Coins5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, 1₲ and 2₲
Formely used by
Central bankBank of Ebenthal
PrinterBank of Ebenthal's Mint Department
MintBank of Ebenthal's Mint Department
Pegged withBrazilian Real

The Ebenthali Galleon (Portuguese: Galeão Ebenthali; Sign: ₲) was the official currency unit of the Kingdom of Ebenthal. The Bank of Ebenthal was the issuing authority and only authorized printer. The currency was officialy substitued as Ebenthal's currency by the Conferential Doubloon in 2 August 2020.

Banknotes and coins are designed by the President of the Bank of Ebenthal who also acts as Head of the Design Sector, then the project goes into parliamentary approval by the Conclave of Ebenthal to finally be either sanctioned or vetoed by the King. The most comonly issued banknotes are 2₲, 5₲, 10₲, 20₲, 50₲, 100₲, 200₲ and 500₲, with 1₲000 and 10₲000 being rarelly issued; commonly minted coins are 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, 1₲, while 2₲ is rarely minted.

The Galleon's value is pegged to the Brazilian Real.


Until 2016 the Kingdom of Ebenthal had no official currency and used the Brazilian Real as the de facto national currency. That year, the Minister of Finances, Lucas Brum, Marquis of Zanol, developed the Galleon as a virtual currency with the aim to implement and develop the national financial system and give the micronation more credibility.

The bill was passed at the Conclave and the country officially adopted the Galleon as it's currency. Years later, in 2018, High King Arthur I wished to bring the currency into real world, phisically, and proposed a bill to fund it's creation, which was soon approved, but the project was soon forgotten due to more hurry preocupations.

Finally, in 2019, at the beggining of his reign, King Arthur II ordered the project to go on force and asked the President of the Bank of Ebenthal to create the currency's design, which he first presented in January 5, 2020, and completed in January 13th.


First series

Image Value Main colour Description
2₲ Smoke Purple. Colorful banknotes depicting the natioan Coat of Arms and the Cross of St. James
5₲ Red.
10₲ Dark Yellow.
20₲ Brown.
50₲ Magenta.
100₲ Green.
200₲ Blue.
500₲ Orange.
1₲000 Grey.
10₲000 Gold and grey. Special version; grey banknote with details in golden yellow, including the Cross of St. James


First series

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