Monkey Bay

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State of Monkey Bay
Etat de la Baie de Singes(fr)

CountryPopular Union of Occitania
LanguageFrench and Afrikaans (de jure)
English (de facto)

GovernorEdwin Farrar
Area Claimed33 m²
CurrencyOccitanian franc

The State of Monkey Bay was a federal subject of Occitania located in Gibraltar.


Monkey Bay joined Occitania on July 1, 2017, with the federal status of Palatinate. On July 19, Monkey Bay became a state. On November 23, 2017, since Edwin Farrar no longer owns the territory, the UPO cancels its claim by order of the Federal Court.


List of Governors

# Took Office Left Office Logo Name Party Election
1 1 July 2017 23 November 2017 Edwin Farrar.png Edwin Farrar URP Designated by the president


Monkey Bay is located in the Tarik Views in Gibraltar, a british city located in the south of Spain, in front of Morocco.

Weather of Monkey Bay