Occitano-Aeternian Pact

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Occitano-Aeternian Pact

Headquarter in Occitania Flaggyflag.png Oranje
Headquarter in Aeternia Aeternia.png Vitae

Official language English

Membership 2 member-states

Representative of Occitania Flaggyflag.png Babou Chkaya
Representative of Aeternia Aeternia.png Emperor AP I

Foundation 8 November 2016



Member states have removed customs barriers between themselves and introduced a common customs policy towards other countries. The overall purpose of the duties is "to ensure normal conditions of competition and to remove all restrictions of a fiscal nature capable of hindering the free movement of goods within the Common Market". Merchandise and money trade are not taxed too. In case of danger, members may suspend their participation and restore controls for a period of one month and they must prevent the union of this modification.


All members agree to open diplomatic relations with the others signatories and recognize each other.


The signatories the assistance from other members in case of aggression. If one of the signatories is attacked, the others must assist him. Occitania and Aeternia must also share their military knowledge.