National Party (New Virginia)

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National Party
Party ChairmanBradley van Dullahan
Deputy ChairmanSertor Valentinus
Founded4 August 2020
HeadquartersSan Scoglio (unofficial)
Membership  (2021)19
IdeologyBig tent politics
Cultural growth
Civic nationalism
Strong central government
Political positionNew Virginian Right
Official colorsBlue, gold, white
House of Burgesses
6 / 13

The National Party is the main centre-right political party in the Commonwealth of New Virginia. The National Party is a big tent political movement that is devoted largely to cultural, political and diplomatic growth in New Virginia.


The National Party was founded as the Patriotic League by Edward Jacobs shortly before the first general elections in opposition to the Free Democratic Party. After the elections the Patriotic League joined the national government to help build the nation, proving itself as a stable and responsible party. After leaving the government to build the opposition and the nation the party was reformed into the National Party.

The New Virginian Patriotic League was the National Party's predecessor

Platform and Policies

The National Party is a big tent that accepts various views. In general, it opposes decentralisation, localism, and regionalism. In general, the National Party sees the unity of the nation as its primary goal. Through that end, it wishes to focus more on a national culture with local subcultures. The key to the National Party's platform is expansionism, the party believes that the nation must rapidly expand to diversify the nation and strengthen its democracy and activity.[1]

Electoral performance

House of Burgesses
Election Leader Votes Seats Position Government
No. Share No. ± Share
2020 Sir Edward Jacobs 32 21.2%
2 / 10
2 20% 2nd Free Democratic
2021 Sir Bradley van Dullahan 78 31.7%
6 / 13
4 46.2% 2nd Free Democratic


Chairmen of the National Party

Number Picture Name Took office Left office Notes
1 San Scoglio Arms.png Sir Edward Jacobs
Burgess for San Scoglio
4 August 2020 15 October 2020 Founder.
2 BradleyPope.jpg Sir Bradley van Dullahan
Burgess for Helinium
15 October 2020 Incumbent Led a series of reforms that saw the Party achieve a record membership.

Deputy Chairmen of the National Party


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