List of alcohol laws by micronation

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This is a list of micronations by laws surrounding alcohol consumption.


Micronation Drinking age Alcohol purchase age Drunk driving Notes
AoHflag.png Abode of Heaven Illegal Illegal Alcohol is illegal Alcohol is illegal, and cannot be sold nor purchased.
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpgUnited Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail 19 19 no statistics available Zambrozzia (A type of honey rum) is part of our nation heritage.

Import allowance:

2X 1 litre bottles of wine/beer/liquor (25% alcohol or less)

2X 1 litre bottles of spirits (25% alcohol or higher)

9dLB6NS.png The Bot Farm 21 21 0% Alcohol is a required part of this nation
Unitary Kingdom of Cambria Flag.png Republic of Cambria 18 20 Not Permitted There are no cars in the Republic of Cambria.
Feudal kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan 13 18-23 0.11%
 Falcar 16 18 obvious intoxication No drivers licences issued, drinking limit applies to cyclists and persons entering via macronational roadway
Goldensteinsnewflag.JPG Goldenstein 18 21 0.01%
MyFlag2.svg Empire of Hosamia Illegal Illegal Alcohol is illegal Alcohol is illegal, and cannot be soled nor purchased.
Flagledoff2.png Principality of Ledilia 19 - 70 20 0.3% Alcohol is not considered important for the nation, the age is 19+ as the government decided that who arrived at the age of 19 is mature enough to drink, the max age to drink is 70 as the government confirms that alcohol is also a way to waste yourself and decided to make illegal drinking at the age of 70+.
New Cymru Flag.jpg New Cymru Highly Illegal Highly Illegal 0% Alcohol is Highly Illegal
Flag of New Eiffel.svg New Eiffel 18 21 0.05%
Flag of the Norfolk Empire.jpg Norfolk Empire 42 None Illegal There are no cars in the Norfolk Empire, so there are currently no drinking and driving laws.
Mahuset None None None Mahuset does not currently have laws on the consumption of alcohol.
Pacem 15 17 0.1%
United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum 18 18 Illegal Drinking and operating any vehicle is illegal.

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