Kings Palace

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Kings Palace
Palácio dos Reis
General information
Architectural styleGothic
Town or cityGillisburgh
Country Ebenthal
OwnerEbenthali Royal Family
LandlordArmando, Baron of Roches
Height8,5 meters
Technical details
Floor count3
Other information

The Kings Palace (Portuguese: Palácio dos Reis) is the current residence and workingplace of the core of the Ebenthali Royal Family. Located on the Southern Borough of Gillisburgh, the palace was acquired in August 2020 by Armando, Baron of Roches, father to King Arthur II of Ebenthal, and as every other royal palace of Ebenthal, it is privately owned by the reigning family.

The palace had been previously named "Sinclair Palace" for a brief time, as a homage to Lady Elizabeth Sinclair, old ancestor to the Clan Brum and the connection bridge between the family and much of the medieval European royalty.


The residence was given the name in Portuguese Palácio dos Reis, this means, "Kings Palace", as a reference to the Clan Brum's long royal ancestrality traced back to the kings of England, Scotland, France and Hungary.



The palace is divided into two floors, plus an attic and a basement. It has five bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a living room, dining room, kitchen, and three hallways. The palace is divided they following way:

  • The Social Pavillion: the living room, entrance hall and downstairs bathroom.
  • The Coffee with Biscuit Pavillion: the kitchen, dining room and balcony.
  • The Royal Pavillion: a simple bedroom, two suite bedrooms, the attic bedroom and one bathroom.
  • The Arts Pavillion: two hallways.
  • The Dungeon: the basement

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