Councillor (Ebenthal)

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Councillor, officialy Councillor of Parliament (Portuguese: Conselheiro do Parlamento) is the official designation to members of the House of Councillors, the aristocratic lower house of Ebenthal's parliament. The office is accompained by the style of The Most Dignified (abrv. The Mt. Dig.) and while officialy the office title is reserved for serving politicians, unnofficialy, former Councillors may also be addressed as Councillors.


The term was inspired by the Japanese analogous office, the members of the Empire of Japan's House of Councillors, as well as by the Councillors of Portuguese former monarchical councils. The office is adressed mostly by its short version as Councillor. The choice of "Councillor of Parliament" instead as "Councillor of Congress" is because, despite the parliament's name be called Konkrëse, which is a Riograndenser Hunsrückisch translation of the word "Congress", Congresso in Portuguese, the term "parliament" brings a broader understanding to office's role to outside observers.