Dissolution of the Slinky Empyre

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Dissolution of the Slinky Empyre

DateNovember 17, 2010 - February 26, 2011

The dissolution of the Slinky Empyre into independent departments began early in January 2011. Prior to that, Kyng Fyrst was nominated administrator of MicroWikia by the Wikia staff on November 17, 2010, but the growth of the Wikia wiki fell to a standstill. Failed attempts at reform and moderation, a very low turnout, and success of the "new" Wiki against the "old" Wiki led to a decline in popularity of the Slinky Kyng in the MicroWiki Community and a high "migrating flux" of users from the old to the new servers, hosted by Petya d'Égtavie of Egtavia.

Furthermore, the royal elections carried out in the Empyre and instituted by Fyrst in order to elect a new Kyng or Queen by 2011 created a bad atmosphere of open criticism of the nation after the electoral system was described by Department leaders as being corrupt. The negative response from many foreign micronationalists, and consequent lack of talks between the Kyng and the Llabdey Department, who drew the accusations, profoundly influenced actions of the von Puchow leadership, who decided to secede from the Empyre on January 15.

The following day, other "foreign" Slinky Departments began resisting central control, and plans of secession and independence led to a rapid weakening of the central government. In the first hours of the afternoon, the Departments of Sumac, Tergumterra, Georgeton and Iyabi decided to secede and form the Slinky Republyc, which however was not immediately recognized as the official successor to the Empyre. Other Departments rejoined their "mother nations": Llabdey became part of Landashir soon after the formation of the Republyc, and Tyncomarus was re-annexed by Austenasia in early March.

Following several statements of independence, the Slinky Empyre finally collapsed on Jaunary 17, 2011 when Fyrst recognised the Republyc as the official successor to the Parliamentary Monarchy.[1] Later, Parker I, recognised as the leader of the "January 16 Movement", was elected as the nation's first Prime Minister.

The dissolution of the Slinky Empyre was received with mixed reception. Some took the news very positively, especially after Fyrst's "takeover" of MicroWikia three months before the collapse. Others criticised the independence movement and claimed that Fyrst should have been recognised as the official founder of the Empyre, and deserved a position in the new Republyc. The collapse of the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy was compared by many micronationalists to the demonstrations in Tunisia and the consequent collapse of the regime of President Ben Ali.

Following the creation of the Slinky Republyc, a conflict was declared by Istoria which they referred to as the "First Micronational World War". Though the conflict was lacking of any formal documentation, had no physical conflicts, and was largely regarded as childish, those involved claimed that it was taking place. Numerous micronationalists condemned the conflict, most notably Yablokon leader Aldrich Lucas, and the war was later renamed to the more appropriate "Slinky War".

Slinky War

Slinky War
Date22–27 January 2011
Status Ended


(Jan 22 - Jan 26)
(Jan 24 - Jan 27)


(Jan 24 - Jan 26)
(Jan 24 - Jan 26)
Slinky Republyc
By Istorian declaration only
Commanders and leaders

David I of Varina

Max Kasbar

Dakoda George

Parker I

Other than the creation of the Republyc, the dissolution lead to a conflict referred to as the Slinky War. The virtual quarrel started on January 22, and was started by the Kingdom of Istoria, apparently as a way to protest against the newly-formed republican government led by Parker I.

In response to Istoria's declaration of war, Georgeton declared war on Istoria in order to "defend their [sic] new ally", despite the fact that the new government did not request foreign aid. Consequently, Georgeton caused the Republic of Ultamiya to declare war on them. Later on, the People's Republic of Richland joined the Duchy of Georgeton's side.

The conflict was criticized by various micronationalists who oppose micronational warfare, and others who accused the "young micronations" of just wanting to "get into other people's business". By January 26, only 5 nations were involved in the war, while others such as the DES Senya and the Kozuc Khanate declared they were in the process of training and preparing for possible hostilities. However, the main problem behind the conflict was that despite possible future expansion, the Slinky Republyc had still been carrying out its internal matters without recognising the war, and the Empyre was officially dissolved by Kyng Fyrst himself 5 days before the start of the war. By January 27, all nations involved in the conflict besides Carlington had dropped their declarations, ending the conflict.

Slinky Republyc

Emblem of the Slinky Republyc

As a result of the dissolution of the Empyre, the Slinky Republic was founded one day before the disestablishment, on January 16, 2011, claiming the territory of the Georgeton, Sumac, Tergumterra, and Iyabi Departments. Parker I was elected its first Prime Minister (or Pryme Mynyster), albeit being only a figurehead, and part of the former Slinky Parliament was used as its national legislature. The power was vested within the Parliament itself, who worked as an ad interim Government. The Hayland Department was chosen as its capital city.

The Republyc however lasted until February 26, when it was disestablished due to inactivity by its members. At the time of the dissolution the Parliament held all powers but the state lacked of a currency, a Foreign Office, and an exact population. The former Departments were either claimed by other micronations who held offices in the Republyc or the Empyre, or were given back to their macronation of origin.


Flag of Sumac Department

The political divisions of the Slinky Republyc were formed by the former departments who seceded and declared themselves independent from the Empyre. The other Departments who did not participate in the "January 16 Movement" were either owned by Kyng Fyrst or inactive, and were de facto disestablished on January 17. The regions who later formed the Republyc were generally under the jurisdiction of another micronationalist who held a multiple citizenship and was already part of another micronation (for instance, Viceroy Parker I, also leader of Secundomia). It is said that the double citizenship of many citizens caused the later dissolution of the Republic, as the Department Viceroys had other occupations.

  • Georgeton, led by Dakoda George of Georgeton, was held responsible for foreign affairs and the newly-founded Ministry of War. When the Empyre was disestablished, it became the Duchy of Georgeton but was still responsible for Republycan affairs. After the dissolution of the Republyc, it became the United Kingdom of New Britain and Georgeton and was admitted into the Freedomian Commonwealth and fell inactive, it was later reformed as the 2nd Duchy of Georgeton.
  • Sumac, led by Kuri of Gishabrun of the Tzarist Empire, it was admitted into the Empyre on July 17, 2010 and included a National Park. One of the main supporters of the rebellion against Kyng, its territorial claims were transferred to Gishabrun as Sumac Krai.
  • Tergumterra, founded on July 6, 2010 as Slinky's twelfth Department, it was led by Parker I of Secundomia, later the first and only Prime Minister. It was previously part of Middle Secundomia, until it was ceded to Kyng Fyrst. Tergumterra, together with Sumac, was the main promoter of the rebellion. On February 26, Tergumterra was transferred back to Secundomia, who granted independence to the department as Res Publica Tergumterra.
  • Iyabi, established on August 16, 2010 and led by Joseph Allen, it was the most populous Department of the Empyre, with a population of 5. It became the Iyabi Republic.
  • Hayland, one of the most successful and active departments of the former Empyre, it became independent under Hayden under the name Slyndonia and later dissolved itself due to inactivity.

Revived Empyre of Slin and Pretenders

On 12 October 2011, Kuri Kabanov, several months after the dissolution of Slyndonia, claimed the old Slinky throne, styling himself "Kyng of the Slins". This claim was based on the old succession roll of the Empyre, according to which Kabanov, despite his later participation in the creation of the Republyc, was to be Kyng Second. This claim was disputed by Sebastian Linden.

On April 3, 2012, Danland began to claim the European parts of the Slinky Empyre, in order to grow its population. Then later it began to also claim the Herway and Iyabi Departments. These claims were rescinded shortly afterwards.

The Slinky Empire returned on 7 July 2012 as the Second Empyre of Slin, ruled by the original leader and founder, Kyng Fyrst. This incarnation of the Slinky legacy, under the leadership of Kyng Fourth, fell into inactivity sometime in 2015.

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