Party of Royalists and Cooperatism (Abelden)

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Party of Royalists and Cooperatism (PRC)
LeaderNicolás Millán
Founded14 April 2018
Membership  (2018)2
IdeologyRoyalism, Newtonism, Social Corporatism, Environmentalism
Political positionCentre to Centre-Left
Official colors     Sky blue
Cabinet positions
1 / 9
Seats in the Reichsversammlung
2 / 13

The Party of Royalists and Cooperatism (PRC) is a Royalist and Social Corporatist party in the Abeldane Empire. The party was founded by HI&RH Newton, the incumbent Ervecysarich of Abelden, and Alex White, the Marquis of Acsehn, on the 4th of April 2018 - shortly after the April Federal Election.


The fallout of the April Federal Election proved an opportunity for the founding of a new party. The Prince Regent, Newton, had left Abeldane Social Ecology, a party he founded in June 2017, to better reflect his office of heir to the Abeldane throne, while Alex had left the Abeldane Liberal National Alliance for more political freedom, after being left to one side and placed on the bottom of the party list during the election. Newton, as an independent, negotiated a potential alliance with the ALNA and later the coalition deal including National Federalist Party. After Alex's appointment to the last appointed seat in the Reichsversammlung on the 14th of April, 2018 - the Party of Royalists and Cooperatism was founded to unite the Monarchist seats under one banner and to simplify the coalition agreement with the Vorsitzender, Alejandro Whyatt.