List of currencies used by the Fraughtian Community

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The Fraughtian Community has used several currencies during throughout its existence. The following is a list of all currencies officially used by the community.

Fraughtian Currencies

All currencies created and managed by the Fraughtian Community.

Fraught Point

The Fraught Point (FP) was the original currency, having been created in early 2014. It had no value compared to other currencies, and was primarily used in Minecraft worlds for trade.

New Fraught Point

The New Fraught Point (NFP) was the successor to the original Fraught Point. The NFP was created due to the FP having severe inflation. Having been established in 2016, it lasted until 2018, where it met the same fate as its predecessor.

Fraughtian Sol

The Fraughtian Sol was created to replace the inflated NFP. The Sol was pegged to the U.S. Dollar, and its value ranged from 1–10 cents. You could "purchase" soles on the communities' eBay page. If you donated to the community via Patreon, in addition to awarded soles every month, you could transfer your soles into U.S. Dollars. In December 2019, the "Fraughtian Shock" happened, were the amount of soles was increased 10 fold. Consideration was made to keep the new value of the sol between 0.7–5 cents

Community Credit

In April 2020, the Fraughtian Community changed the name of the sol to the Community Credit. The credit is a continuation of the sol system, just under a new name. Additionally, new automated interfaces were developed to check your credit balance, give, and receive credits.

Non-Fraughtian Currencies

  • Peruvian Sol
  • United States Dollar
  • Bitcoin