Goodie—Fraughtian Conflict

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The Goodie—Fraughtian Conflict from January 2021 to May 2021, was between Goodie Server & Xrovia, and Fraughtia. The main conflict started due to a disagreement on whether GayMerMan4REALZ would be able to use the "Goodie Server" archive. The conflict ended after Caveton pulled out of merger discussions with Xrovia.


Gaming Goodies is a YouTube channel run by GayMerMan4REALZ. Goodie Server was a discord server based on the Gaming Goodies YouTube channel, and existed in 2019. In November 2019, Goodie Server was disestablished, and Xrovia took its place.

On 22 January 2021, Goodie Server was revived and was being used for the Gaming Goodies YouTube again, due to Caveton breaking every deal with GayMerMan4REALZ.

On 2 February, GayMerMan4REALZ faced a trial, due to FraughtMovie arguing that Goodie Server remained as a Fraughtian possession after the controlled collapse of 2020. The case ended in a mistrial, after FraughtMovie claimed that the judge N0T T0KSiC was biased towards Goodie Server.

Later that month, GayMerMan4REALZ and N0T T0KSiC would leave the Fraughtian Community, and JackTheGamingGuy faced trial due to Judge Nicole disagreeing with his actions in Fraughtia. The trial ended with a fine of 113 credits, and a 24 hour mute from the server for JackTheGamingGuy.

Starting in March, Fraughtian President FraughtMovie started going after Xrovia, trying to get it merged with Caveton. On 23 March, the Caveton—Xrovia meeting was held, to discuss the possibility of further relations between the two communities.

Going into April, FraughtMovie still tried to form closer relations with Xrovia. This was denounced by GayMerMan4REALZ, which requested that Caveton leave them alone. Fraughtia then pulled out of all Xrovian negotiations on 4 May, marking the end of the conflict.


The original Goodie Server was dissolved on 22 November 2019, because of GayMerMan4REALZ's inability to run a community full time. It was replaced with Xrovia, created and run by Edwardxro, the previous Goodie President.

Xrovia stayed as the home for the Gaming Goodies YouTube channel, until January 2020, when GayMerMan4REALZ moved to Caveton. While in Caveton, GayMerMan4REALZ was given a seat in the Fraughtian Congress, and eventually was elected to the position of Royal Councillor.

After the controlled collapse of 2020, Caveton made several agreements with GayMerMan4REALZ pertaining to Gaming Goodies. These included: a private manor in Caveton, Honor Guard status, in exchange for Caveton's invite link being shared on all Gaming Goodies videos and streams.

Starting in December, some members of the Guardianship (Ichigo, Legos, Koi), along with the Secretary, Leah, decided to not follow through with these agreements.

Fraughtia held two trials against JackTheGamingGuy in December; one to determine if he should stay as a Judge, and the second to determine if he should stay as a member. The trials resulted in JackTheGamingGuy being removed from the Judgeship, but being allowed to stay in Fraughtia. Shortly then after, the Guardianship removed GayMerMan4REALZ honor guard role.

Going into January 2021, Leah muted GayMerMan4REALZ for "spam." While this mute was not contested by the other guards, it was a violation of the Rules of the Community (ROTC) for her to execute it.

Outbreak of the conflict

On 22 January, GayMerMan4REALZ recreated Goodie Server using the previous archive. The server was brought back because the Gaming Goodies group call got full, and he couldn't add new members. This angered FraughtMovie, and the guardianship, starting the several month long conflict.

The first trial

This led to FraughtMovie starting a case against GayMerMan4REALZ, claiming that him using Goodie Server was "unauthorized defacement of a Fraughtian archive," despite that not actually being against the ROTC. FraughtMovie kept many key details about the case private, including the actual charge that FraughtMovie was suing for. This was a major obstruction to the trial. N0T T0KSiC, was assigned to the case, and after hearing both sides, he agreed with GayMerMan4REALZ and decided that the recreation of Goodie Server didn't break any laws.

His reasoning was that since Edwardxro transferred Goodie Server back to GayMerMan4REALZ, and since the controlled collapse of 2020 made every server independent, Goodie Server was not under Fraughtian control, and that GayMerMan4REALZ was free to use Goodie Server as he saw fit. Section 10 of executive action "Turn Off And On Again", in 2019, states: "GayMerMan4REALZ will be forced to transfer Goodie Server to de facto governor Edwardxro." This clause did not forbid GayMerMan4REALZ from ever owning Goodie Server again, it just dictated that he needed to give it up at that time.

Additionally, the controlled collapse of 2020 granted every community full independence. The proposal read "Dissolve the current system and everyone gains full independence," which was unanimously voted into effect by the congress. N0T T0KSiC upheld that archived servers also gained independence from the Fraughtian Community.

FraughtMovie, however, was not satisfied with the conclusion. He brought on Judge Nicole, wife of Guard Ichigo, to take over the case. She supported FraughtMovie's side, and gave GayMerMan4REALZ a 72-hour mute, and forced him to pay a 113 credit fine.

Afterwards, N0T T0KSiC was forced to resign, and he subsequently left the community. GayMerMan4REALZ and N0T T0KSiC made several memes about the trial, and JackTheGamingGuy shared some of them on Caveton. This angered Judge Nicole, and she started a case against both JackTheGamingGuy and N0T T0KSiC.

The second trial

The trial against JackTheGamingGuy and N0T T0KSiC was held on 7 February. Nicole argued that they both caused mental damage to herself, and incited acts of disobedience. JackTheGamingGuy disagreed, by making the point that all he did was share a meme, and give some credits to N0T T0KSiC.

Because FraughtMovie did not want to ask Bowman to act as judge, and Nicole was involved, he pushed Minny, the wife of Guard Legos, into the seat as judge.

The case went through, and Minny found JackTheGamingGuy guilty of “using the wrong channel,” her reasoning being that the meme was shared in the main park, instead of the meme gallery. She also convicted him of undermining Nicole’s verdict, by giving N0T T0KSiC 113 credits.

Her punishment towards JackTheGamingGuy was a 24 hour mute, to pay a fine of 213 credits, and to post a public apology. N0T T0KSiC’s involvement in the situation was not considered, because he was not currently in Caveton.

Conquest for Xrovia

Following the end of hostilities in Caveton, FraughtMovie looked to annex Xrovia. Ever since the Uniserverism protests of 2020, Caveton administrations have always been focused on merging or annexing Xrovia. After the controlled collapse, the negotiations were more serious.

Censorship of the president

On 15 February, Death Heart, rejoined Goodie Server. She was previously banned in Fraughtia due to her association with Kabbibsuds. FraughtMovie then used his imminent domain powers to remove the Emergency Hostile Organization (EHO) ban on Kabbibsuds members. This angered the Guardianship, and they moved to censor him.

The Guardianship argued that since FraughtMovie didn't consult the Guardianship before revoking the EHO ban, it was done illegally. On 17 February, FraughtMovie was censored for a month, making Leah the temporary president for the month. This stopped all Xrovian negotiations temporarily.

On 14 March, JackTheGamingGuy left Caveton due to the lack of change. Three days later, FraughtMovie's censorship ended. With FraughtMovie's return, he brought much needed change to Caveton's political system. Political parties made a return in Fraughtian politics. The Guardianship approved this amendment to the ROTC, slightly changing the voting laws, and adding political parties.

Caveton-Xrovia meeting

On 23 March, FraughtMovie negotiated a diplomatic meeting between Caveton and Xrovia. The discussion would be on the feasibility of a merger between the two communities. The discussion took place a few days later, but no decisions were made. GayMerMan4REALZ urged Edwardxro to stop negotiations with FraughtMovie, and to keep Xrovia independent.

Recovering Fraughtian archives

On 28 March, FraughtMovie sought to recover Fraughtian archive servers owned by GayMerMan4REALZ. The archives FraughtMovie was looking to recover included: Nintendo Switch Region (NSR), Switch Municipality, FMR, YouTube Ads. FraughtMovie tasked Edawrdxro with recovering the servers from GayMerMan4REALZ. Edwardxro rejected the offer, but passed the information along to GayMerMan4REALZ.

Legos and Minny argued that Fraughtia should just leave GayMerMan4REALZ alone, and that asking for these archives was not worth it. Koi offered that detailed reports of the servers should be made, instead of recovering the full archive.

After hearing from Edwardxro, GayMerMan4REALZ gave the NSR and Switch Municipality back to FraughtMovie. GayMerMan4REALZ, however, made it clear that no other servers would be given to FraughtMovie. FraughtMovie praised Edwardxro's efforts and offered him an Honor Guard position, or the honorary son of the community award. Edwardxro declined the offer, and on 8 April, he would resign as guard.

Xrovian independence

On 25 March, Edwardxro temporarily resigned from leadership in Xrovia. He left the co-owner, Jo, as the new owner. Jo worked on fixing the rules, and bringing activity to Xrovia.

Just under a month later, on 16 April, Edwardxro took back ownership. He initially meant this as a temporary measure to fix problems with Xrovia, but he ended up keeping his position.

Edwardxro changed up the staff team, and brought his YouTube channel, Xro Obsidian, to the server. When he retook power, he removed FraughtMovie from Xrovia. He made this action because FraughtMovie was bringing Xrovians into Caveton and offering a few of them minister positions.

On 4 May, Edward stopped all negotiations and talks with FraughtMovie. He reaffirms Xrovia's position as an independent server. Xrovia distanced themselves from Caveton influence, and formed closer relations with Goodie Server.

This marks the creation of the Efemarian Cluster, consisting of Xrovia and Goodie Server. Both communities are closer to each other than to Caveton.


The Goodie-Fraughtian conflict came to a close on 4 May 2021, lasting a total of 3 months and 10 days. Caveton reaffirmed itself as a strong independent server, Goodie Server was created, and Xrovia greatly distanced themselves from Caveton. The conflict destroyed Fraughtian relations in the Efemarian Cluster, and FraughtMovie is still seen as overly aggressive. On 14 November, FraughtMovie recovered the Fraughtian Minecraft Region archive, after asking for it for several months before. GayMerMan4REALZ gave it up, denouncing the Fraughtian name and FraughtMovie himself as a lying hypocrite. FraughtMovie tried to be peaceful and for both sides to come to an agreement, but GayMerMan4REALZ was not willing.