History of the Central Minecraft Region

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The Central Minecraft Region's flag.

The history of the Central Minecraft Region covers the story not only of the Central Minecraft Region as a Fraughtian region, but also that of Minecraft Central and how it was annexed into the Fraughtian Community.

Early History


Before Minecraft Central was created as a server, Jack Declan was a part of Minecraft Multiplayer (MC Multi). MC Multi celebrates the banning of Jack on December 7, called "Packerfan Day".

Early Period

Minecraft Central was founded on the 4 August 2018, by Jack Declan, known as Packerfan Gamer. He created this server as a result of being banned in another Minecraft Server called Minecraft Multiplayer. That server has been Minecraft Central's main rival for the majority of its life. Jack was busy advertising his new server and several people joined as a result. One person, called UNP-17, joins and is very active in the server. UNP-17 talked with Jack about merging his smaller Minecraft server into Minecraft Central. Jack agreed to the proposal. This boosted Minecraft Central's amount of members.

Not to long after the merger, 2 important members join the server, Chliu1855 and Jeo188. These two members were very active and helped grow the server's population. Chliu1855 and Jeo188 were both given the role of staff due to their importance to Minecraft Central. After bringing the total staff to 3, Jack wanted 1 more. So, he contacted an active member, Candy Cane, and asked her if she wanted to be staff. Candy Cane said yes, but she didn't take the role responsibility. She was attempting to ban everyone from the community, but thanks to Jack not allowing ban permissions on brand new staff, Candy Cane wasn't able to ban anyone. She was then removed from her staff position for a week, so Jack could re-evaluate her as a staff member. While on her week long probation, Candy Cane decided to start spamming the chats with racial slurs. The staff team was able to permanently ban her and delete all the messages. This is observed as the first attack on the server in its life.

The staff team on Minecraft Central were requesting that Jack get the Dyno Bot for moderation. Jack gets the bot, and immediately sets up roles for the different minecraft versions. Around a month later, Lopho and Paulo2Gamer (Paul) raided the server using both @mention spam and image spam of a SpongeBob meme, know known as the Lopho Attack. After an intel report on both of these members, they were determined to have come from MC Multi. There was some controversy following this event due to moderations not having banning privileges to prevent the attack from being so severe. Less than a week later, Jack adds YAGPDB.xyz, a discord bot, to display Minecraft YouTube videos of popular YouTubers.

Fraughtian History

Pre-Fraughtian Period

Only one day after Christmas was celebrated, 2 recruiters from the Fraughtian Community, Brody Keller and FraughtMovie. Brody was asking for Minecraft Central to be annexed into the Xbox 360 Region as a municipality. Jack declined the offer, as the staff on the server didn't want to give up ownership. FraughtMovie was more conservative, as in only asking for mutual recognition, which Jack agreed to. FraughtMovie set up an embassy in the growing server. Minecraft Central now had a community at its side.

Two weeks after the start of 2018, a malicious spammer abused the @mention spam system. They were quickly banned due to Jack allowing moderators to ban members. In February, Brody requests a staff position. Jack gave him the role, due to him being trusted by FraughtMovie. Brody makes radical suggestions in order to make Minecraft Central use the Early Fraughtian SUI. The rest of the staff unanimously agreed to not do the changes. The server was growing under the influence of Fraughtia.

Regional Period

The Fraughtian Community acquired Minecraft Central in the Packer Plan. The Packer Plan outlined how the Fraughtian Minecraft Region would change its focus and change its name to the Fraughtian Makers Region. Minecraft Central was selected to become a region, with the name of Minecraft Central Region (MCR) or Minecraft Region (MIR). In the end, however, the name Central Minecraft Region was chosen, with the abbreviation being CMR. FraughtMovie comes with with several designs of flags for the new region. Jack selected the favorite one of the bunch.

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