2020 controlled collapse

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The 2020 controlled collapse was a reorganization of Fraughtia, including giving all regions independence. Caveton would be left as the sole and principal region in Fraughtia, and all formerly Fraughtian communities would be classified as belonging to the "Fraughtian World".


The event is known as the 2020 controlled collapse, to distinguish it from the 2018 controlled collapse that happened after the Silent War. "Controlled collapse" is a specific contingency plan in the Rules of the Community.


The Fraughtian Community in late 2020 was starting to break down. Following the Uniserverism Protests earlier that year, FraughtMovie introduced the "Fraughtia Renovation Project". Part of this project repealed Uniserverism, and while the Cavetonite Royal Council voted to reintroduce the restriction for Minecraft-clans, it was quickly repealed by its governor (also FraughtMovie).

Dragon's Den, home to various tinkers and programmers, had voted to leave the community as a result of the Uniserverism protests. In October, FraughtMovie announced that he would be removing Uni as secretary. Uni, leader of Arctic Paix, had been busy, and their colony has been underperforming in the entire community. Afterwards, FraughtMovie announced a general election for Uni's replacement.

However, the election was put on hold when FraughtMovie activated the Temporal Fraughtian State of Emergency (TFSE) clause, and appointed Leah, current Prime Minister in Caveton, as President pro tempore of Fraughtia. The TFSE was projected to last one week, but there was a possibility that FraughtMovie may not be able to return.

Upon FraughtMovie's return in November, he activated the controlled collapse clause in the Rules of the Community (ROTC).


On 1 November 2020, the Congress voted to invoke controlled collapse. The ROTC states that the community is given to FraughtMovie in its entirety. FraughtMovie then granted all regions and colonies independence, reducing Fraughtia to just Caveton. The Fraughtian Congress—which has lasted since its establishment by Kuroe in 2016—was dissolved and replaced with the Caveton Royal Council. The Electoral Jury would be kept, and greatly reformed. The position of Fraughtia President and Caveton Governor would be merged, with the leader of Fraughtia also being the leader of Caveton.

The ROTC was then revised, with Caveton accepting the ROTC 2 as the new authoritative carta magna. Care was kept to keep the current system of governance as unchanged as possible. There was much debate on the new ROTC, with JackTheGamingGuy proposing a radical change to simplify the government and run with a senate and consuls, instead of separate branches.

The interim council passed several new laws. These included official recognition of Xrovia, a former region, and the creation of the Fraughtian Credit Zone, which would allow foreign communities to use the Fraughtian Credit. Just before the ROTC 2 was voted on, the interim council voted to make GayMerMan4REALZ honor guard, which would give him voting and proposal rights in the legislative.


The controlled collapse radically changed the entire identity of Fraughtia. From the Battle of the Foundation in 2012 until the 2020 controlled collapse Fraughtia has always annexed other communities and spread its influence greatly. Now the Fraughtian Community is entering into a period of isolationism, where relations with other communities are quite minimal, and foreign conflicts will be rare.


  • This article incorporates text from Public Domain document "2020 Controlled Collapse", a publication from the Minister of History