Fraughtian Government

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The Fraughtian government is the the government of the Fraughtian Community. The government is composed of three distinct branches: monarchy, guardianship, and the judgeship. The monarchy and guardianship, the executive and legislative, are the most powerful, with the judgeship (judiciary) being weaker.


The Monarchy is the executive branch, and is composed of the monarch, prime minister, and the ministers. The monarch is the chief executive, and is responsible for appointing a prime minister, other ministers, and judges. Generally the monarch is elected, although it is allowed to appoint the next monarch directly. The prime minister is the "back-up monarch", and the manager of the ministers. If the president is unable to lead temporarily, they can activate the prime minister, elevating them to the monarch position for a temporary length of time.

Ministers manage certain functions devolved from the monarch. The monarch can appoint new ministers, but they must be confirmed by the guardianship via a simple majority vote. Additionally, ministers have a 2 week length term, and must be reconfirmed by either the monarch or guardianship.


The Guardianship is both the supreme legislative and moderative power of Fraughtia. Guards must keep order, activity, represent the members, and write new laws. Generally, there should be 1 guard per 25 members. Guards have 3 month terms and are elected each quarter. The Elite Guard is the leader of the guardianship, and must be elected to the position. An Elite Guard can remove guards from their position. Proxy guards are weaker guards that represent and manage other Fraughtian possessions. Proxy guards cannot vote on amendments to the ROTC, but are allowed to vote in all other matters. Honor guards are strictly voting members, either being nominated by the monarch and approved by the guardianship, or being directly appointed via purchase of "Caveton+". As like proxy guards, honor guards can only vote on affairs not relating to the ROTC.


The Judgeship is composed of 3-5 judges that hear cases and handle grey areas in the rules. Judges are directly appointed by either the monarch or the guardianship.