Fraughtian Community

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Fraughtian Community


National emblem
Coat of arms
Motto: Plus Ultra
Anthem: Ode to Joy
CapitalCity of Nieve
Official languagesEnglish
Various regional languages
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
• Supreme Fraughtian Leader
Chloe Reyes
• Census
CurrencyNew Fraught Point
Preceded by
Republic of Chico

The Fraughtian Community, also known as Fraughtia, is a community developed from a gaming clan. The nation formally declared itself as a micronation, but now it considers itself simply an organization. Fraughtia has a population of approx. 400 citizens. After the annexation of the Republic of Chico, the Fraughtian Community was officially introduced to the micronational community. Although it doesn't claim any land, it does have a complex system of subdivisions that act as the Fraughtian Community's territory.


The community is named after it's founder and first leader, FraughtMovie0. It was originally used early on to describe something belonging to FraughtMovie0 but later became the general name for who were part of the community. After the term became of popular use between it's members, the community adopted the name.


The Fraughtian Community’s history is divided up in eras. At the same time, eras may have “stifles” which are short periods of time (typically less than a month) which differ from the overall tone of an era. It's worth mentioning that the Fraughtian Community considers the history of entities that were annexed into the community as Pre-Fraughtian history.

Fraught Squad Era

During late 2012, FraughtMovie0, founder of the Fraughtian Community, began creating maps dedicated to minigames on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. These eventually became known as intellectual properties. When FraughtMovie0’s intellectual properties like Deseo, Mastercraft and Country Map became popular among his friends and followers, it became evident that there was a clear informal union between players. Around this time is when FraughtMovie0 declared the beginning of the Fraught Squad which was a loose union of elite players of each of his intellectual properties (especially those that included combat). The Fraught Squad did not have any governing bodies and acted based upon FraughtMovie0’s interests rather than the squad’s interest. After a couple months after formation, it became evident that it acted more like an organized militia which laid the foundation for the Fraughtian Army.

Fraughtian Army Era

Due to the need for higher levels of organization, the Fraught Squad began acting more like a militia, FraughtMovie0 declared the “Fraught Army” which would serve to safeguard Fraughtian intellectual properties from being copied by other people on Xbox 360. This era is characterized by being under complete control of FraughtMovie0 and is often reguarded as the Golden Era by members who joined during this time. It is around this time when several members and enemies became noteworthy, such as ExportedSquid and Crazy4UGirl who were Fraught’s rivals during this era and CuteTitanPanda who was Fraught’s first lady during this era. This era was immediately followed by inactivity by FraughtMovie0 which would later serve as the basis for the Battle of the Foundation where FraughtMovie0 will formally form the Fraughtian Community.

First Community Era

When FraughtMovie0 came back after a period of activity, a couple of dedicated members immediately contacted him warning of some rogue members who copied Fraughtian intellectual properties. After a heated argument, the army formally declared a war against all who copied intellectual properties. This came to a climax at the Battle of the Foundation in which started with FraughtMovie0 and Xcel Luck successfully defending a Fraughtian city despite being at clear disadvantage and ended with a complete Fraughtian victory in a foreign map defending a member from SoulCrusher a tyrannical clan leader. After the SoulCrusher’s defeat and Fraughtian annexation of his opposers, FraughtMovie0 gave an emotional speech which established Fraughtian Community:

“I think it’s fair to say that today we’ve become something more than friends. We have become a community. A Fraughtian Community” -FraughtMovie0

Soon after foundation, many hit intellectual properties came into the scene, such as Super Smash Bros., Brawny Bro, Mastercraft 4, and Deseo 2. It is around this time that other noteworthy figures began appearing such as xXBadLegosXx which served as Fraught’s right hand man during this era and LoveDove which replaced CuteTitanPanda as first lady of the community. It is also during this era that “first lady” and “Supreme Fraughtian Leader” became offical titles. Also, during this era, FraughtMovie established various protocols and documents which set the ground work for his future successors. FraughtMovies0 still was an absolute leader and the community was little more than voice with little to no vote. Nearing the end of the era, FraughtMovie released the FraughtShop, a new platform/intellectual property for all Fraughtians to interact and share highscores and the new currency, Fraught Points. It is also marked by the beginning of internal problems with xXBadLegosXx and other members who were now being seen more as a threat rather than a help.

The Problematic Era

The Problematic Era, as the name implies, was one of the more chaotic eras in Fraughtian History. It was plagued with various internal problems ranging from power disputes between xXBadLegosXx and FraughtMovie0 to relationship problems between LoveDove and FraughtMovie0. After these initial problems coming from the previous era, a slew of new problems began raging from outside sources such as the Crazy Nation, led by Crazy4UGirl who was hellbent on entering and dismanteling the community or the CuteTitanPanda Scandal, where the ex-first lady teamed up with other anti-Fraughtians to destroy the community or at least weaken it. During this era, little to no new intellectual properties were made and activity came to a grinding halt as all members of this era were seeming disbanding. In an attempt to salvage it’s members, FraughtMovie0 banned xXBadLegosXx and his followers from the community. This would later cause the Legonian Scandal which further worsened the continuing CuteTitanPanda Scandal and worsened the relationship between FraughtMovie0 and LoveDove. After a some time, FraughtMovie0 began entering in health problems from anxeity and stress and the few supports he still maintained were being treated horribly by his part due to these complications. The era came to a climax when, due to still disputed reasons, the relationship between LoveDove and FraughtMovie0 officially ended. The same date this occurred, FraughtMovie0’s grandfather also entered medical complications and passed away subsequently. Not long after, FraughtMovie0’s remaining grandfather, who was also ill but still seemingly within health also passed sending the entire community into complete inactivity.

Second Community Era

When FraughtMovie0 returned to the community, XxBadLegosxX and others had already entered good terms with him, even aiding him to remember past events. It is during this era that FraughtMovie completely reformed and expanded the community. To begin, he unbanned all members with Tier 4 and some Tier 5 bans and provided formal excuses to several former enemies. He issued the creation of new communities that will annexed into the Fraughtian Community such as the Google+ Community and the Xbox One Community. This was followed by the creation of the Fraughtian Consulate of Leaders which finally gave an air of democracy to the community. However this era did suffer from the first Fraughtian State of Emergency which was short-lived. Regardless, the era was also marked the usage of the second FraughtShop map which was far more popular than the first version and the release of PC apps and games made by FraughtMovie0. Also noteworthy was the release of several hit intellectual properties like RoboWars and FraughtBam!. The return of several Fraughtians and the community’s growth was why this era is dubbed the “The Second Golden Era”. During this era, FraughtMovie also ratified and placed new and old acts into one carta magna known as the Protocol of 2014 thereby giving limits to the power of the Supreme Fraughtian Leader, set the groundwork and standard for subsequent leaders of the community. The era ended when the Protocol of 2014 and the Fraughtian Resolution of 2015 stated that a new leader must be chosen and the FraughtMovie0 must resign. Officially ending FraughtMovie0’s reign was the Goodbye Speech.

“It’s been an amazing journey and as with all amazing things this must also end, but I’m happy because I know we’ll continue. This is because we’re not just a community, we’re Fraughtians. Thank you, goodnight!” -FraughtMovie0

The Transition or Kuroe/Legonian Era

After FraughtMovie0 gave his Goodbye Speech, a new leader had to be chosen in order to continue. The Protocol of 2014 established that the next leader must be chosen via 3 systems; the Democratic System or The Chosen One System. FraughtMovie0 decided to go via the democratic system, in which the Consulate of Leaders must elect a new leader. After some debating, it was clear that XxBadLegosxX would win, however the Consulate never put out a formal answer and seemed generally disinterested in voting. Once the deadline was reached, but the Consulate of Leaders remained silent. By doing this, another article of the Protocol of 2014 and the Fraughtian Resolution of 2015 was activited that would ensure a new leader via the Hereditary System. The only two candidates were LoveDove and CuteTitanPanda (They were the only 2 who had a formal Fraughtian title), however LoveDove expressed her disinterest in participating and CuteTitanPanda remained.

After the official transfer occured on the first day of 2016, CuteTitanPanda (or Kuroe as she established herself as) began her official term. During this period, Kuroe made several changes in the Fraughtian Community such as introducing the new POD system made with assistance of FraughtMovie0, announcing the current Fraughtian currency, the NFP (New Fraught Point) and establishing regions (Similar to the communities in FraughtMovie0’s era). However, due to complications and pressure of the community, she soon delclared she would be unable to rule thereby putting the community in a Fraughtian State of Emergency. This shift caused the Protocol of 2014 to become active again. This time the protocol established how the temporary leader will be elected and soon enough a community wide-election took place were XxBadLegosxX won by barely overtaking the other candidates; cat in gaven and SamathaDrivera.

XxBadLegosxX’s term began by realeasing RoboWars 2 which was made with helped by FraughtMovie who returned briefly to aid Legos in the creation of these maps. For a brief period, XxBadLegosxX maintained the community with fair activity. However the Consulate of Leaders became inactive and XxBadLegosxX soon declared inability to rule and further deepened the Fraughtian Community’s problems. The Protocol of 2014 was once again activated in an effort to maintain the community afloat until Legos could return.

The Three Factions Era

The Protocol of 2014 established that, if the leader and temporary leader are unable to rule then the community must enter a final form to safeguard it’s exsistence. The community was split into 3 factions (Xbox 360 led by Bad Bad Ganster, Xbox One led by Nacho ninja14, Youtube led by Devon Ramirez) and all would lead themselves until xXBadLegosXx can take charge. This era is marked by FraughtMovie0’s slight participation in order to make sure the 3 factions get along and prevent a clash between all 3 thereby causing the collapse of the community and a great loss of various territories and regions. The Era ended with the eventual return of xXBadLegosXx.

The Stabilization and Third Community Era

Once xXBadLegosXx returned to the community his temporary term began once more. During this time, the community was slightly stagnant and saw some minimal growth, but at the very least re-united the three factions and reincorporated the former territories. After some weeks, Supreme Leader CuteTitanPanda returned and began to make up for her time in FSE. Her actions began with the ratification of the Protocol of 2014, converting it into the Protocol of 2016. Among the more notable changes to the Fraughtian government, CuteTitanPanda created the Fraughtian Constituent Congress, Fraughtian Judicial System, and Fraughtian Central Reserve to name a few. She also converted the previous “communities” (Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc.) into “regions” with all “communities” that were on a P.C. based platform (Like Facebook, Steam, etc.) or that didn’t fall into the other single platform regions into one large region called the Outermost Regions. This era ended with the resignation of Supreme Fraughtian Leader CuteTitanPanda.

The Superpower Era

After the resignation of CuteTitanPanda, the Fraughtian Constituent Congress took over as the executive and legislative body of the Fraughtian Community. This meant some ideas that would otherwise be rejected by the Supreme Leader pushed through. Among these was the creation of new public jobs and offices. Among these, we find professional recruiting which expanded the reach of the community about 25%. This era is regarded as the third golden era as it is still giving unprecedented growth for the community and it’s influence over other entities, classifying the Fraughtian Community as a superpower in it’s own right.


The Fraughtian Community is currently under the political system established by the RULES OF THE COMMUNITY document. In this system we find the 3 branches of government (executive, legislative and judicial) handled by the Congress of the Community, Presidency of the Community and the Election Jury. The Fraughtian President's term is eternal, and can be removed by a super-majority in the Congress of the Community.

Regions and Colonial Possessions

The Fraughtian Community proper divides into regions and colonies. Regions are reserved for Minecraft related topics, while colonies are for anything else.

Type Name Website Capital
Region Central Minecraft Region Link checkY
Region Java Minecraft Region
Region Dare the Hare Region
Region Outermost Regions
Colony Arctic Paix
Colony Dom Advertising Link
Colony Helium Advertising Link
Colony Minecraft Hub

The table does not list all Fraughtian Possessions.

The Presidency of the Community

The Presidency of the Community is lead by the President of the Community and may be administered by the Secretary of the Community.

Former Supreme Leaders

After a Supreme Leader has finished their term, they are given the title of Grand Leader. This is purely decorative, however, grand leaders are no longer allowed to run for Supreme Fraughtian Leader again. Along with the title, they are also given a special seal representative of their administration. Temporary leaders also receive these titles, however they are given the title of "FSE Grand Leader" to differentiate them.

Fraughtian Army and Fraughtian Police

Due to the community's origins in online gaming, the Fraughtians have adopted some traits characteristic of gaming clans in their defense. This is why the Fraughtian Army has various divisions to provide Fraughtian protection from possible threats to their integrity (at least online).

FAMD (Fraughtian Army Minecraft Division)

The FAMD is the oldest division in the Fraughtian Army and one of the few dedicated militias in Minecraft. FAMD members use the Fraughtian Battling Style, developed by FraughtMovie0, to use during combat with either an opposing clan or enemy. The headquarters of the FAMD can be found on the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft, however factions do exist in the Xbox One and Windows 10 editions.

FAHD (Fraughtian Army Halo Division)

The FAHD protects the Fraughtian Community from other gaming clans in almost all Halo games. Most of the FAHD was obtained in the annexation of the gaming clan TSL which was dedicated to Halo.

FACDD (Fraughtian Army Call of Duty Division)

The FACDD protects the Fraughtian Community from other gaming clans in most Call of Duty games. The FACDD headquarters can be found on Xbox One, but it has presence in all 7th and 8th generation consoles, excluding Wii and Wii U.

FAPCD (Fraughtian Army P.C. Division)

The Fraughtian Community, due to it's online nature, has grown weary of hackers and other malicious users online. The FAPCD is a coalition of programmers and hackers who are tasked with safeguarding the community and it's members. The FAPCD is usually the final resort when a conflict arises with another entity due to the Protocol of 2016's "Basic Online Decency Act".

Fraughtian Police

In order to assure members are in accordance to the Protocol of 2016, the Fraughtian Police is called upon to quickly resolve issues and present them to the FJS if necessary. The Fraughtian Police is directly under the jurisdiction of Congress.

Foreign Relations

Since 2016, the Fraughtian Community has permitted the establishment of formal relations with other entities through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Fraughtian Community also ranks entities using the Fraughtian Ranking System.

Gaming Clans

  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • NL Clanship
  • Always At War Clanship
  • The Mafia Clanship


Non-specific entities

  • Club of People
  • Coalition of Fraughtlings

National Anthem

The Fraughtian Anthem is an adaptation of Beethoven's Ode to Joy. It's lyrics have been modified in order to reflect Fraughtian history and culture.

Joy, bright spark of divinity, Daughter of our sweat and tears, Truly inspired we tread Thy sanctuary.

All our power re-unites All that custom has divide, All men become brothers Under thy gentle leaves.

All our members feel the joy At the brace of our nation. Born victorious, Alike the taste of our struggles;

Gladly, like the courageous bodies Which he set on their own course Thus, brothers, you should run your race, As a hero going to conquest.