Annexation of Minecraft Central

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Emblem of Minecraft Central

In March 2018, Fraughtia annexed Minecraft Central following mutual recognition and various agreements. This comes as a part of the Fraughtian imperialist desire to expand its organizational control of Minecraft communities, especially on Discord. The annexation was peaceful and the existing administration was kept in place.


In late 2017, Minecraft Central gained attention from the Congress, seeing it as a potential new ally and colony on Discord. GayMerMan4REALZ entered and immediately requested its annexation into the Xbox 360 Region. This was denied by both the leader, PackerfanGamer, and the staff team. GayMerMan4REALZ stayed around, inviting FraughtMovie, and establishing himself as an influential member. Later, PackerfanGamer contacted FraughtMovie with a few questions regarding the Fraughtian Community and GayMerMan4REALZ. FraughtMovie explained that Fraughtia was a union of member clans. On 27 December 2017, the Congress and Minecraft Central came to an agreement to work together and respect each others' members. Included in this agreement was the creation of a Fraughtian embassy, which hosted Fraughtian news and a form to register as a full member of Fraughtia.[1]


Flag of the new Central Minecraft Region, created by FraughtMovie

The Congress created the Packer Plan, and proposed it to PackerfanGamer. The plan included the annexation of Minecraft Central into a region. This follows the transformation of the Fraughtian Minecraft Region into the Fraughtian Maker's Region, a shift into being YouTube-focused instead of Minecraft-focused. PackerfanGamer accepted the terms of the Packer Plan and Minecraft Central was set to be annexed. On 10 March 2018 FraughtMovie (sole member of the Congress at the time) was given administrator permissions and worked on integrating Minecraft Central into the Fraughtian Community. These changes included renaming Minecraft Central to the Central Minecraft Region (CMR), creation of a Carta Magna (main rulebook), and adoption of a flag.