2018 controlled collapse

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The 2018 controlled collapse was a restructuring of Fraughtia. The massive size of the Fraughtian Community would be shrunk to just three regionsCentral Minecraft Region, Fraughtian Minecraft Region, and Dare the Hare Region—and 1 colony—Arctic Paix.


The event is now referred to as the 2018 controlled collapse, to distinguish it from the 2020 controlled collapse. Prior to 2020, the event was generally known as the controlled collapse. "Controlled collapse" is a specific contingency plan in the Rules of the Community.


With the success of the Silent War, the Fraughtian Community was left quite overexpanded. Having recovered the Nintendo Switch Region—now just the Nintendo Switch Colony—annexed three others—Waving Chaos, Elite Art, and Gaming Crew Regions—and established another two—Fraughtian Fortnite Region and Fraughtian Tech Region.

The Fraughtian Community was at its largest size—with 7 regions and a collection of colonies. This growth, however, wasn't without consequence. Inactivity started to plague the Fraughtian Regions. Members shared between each region grow by the day. Drama in one region started to create drama in other regions.

Small regional events now had the power to throw the entire community into inactivity. Recognizing this, Supreme Fraughtian Leader GayMerMan4REALZ—with consent of the Fraughtian Constituent Congress—activated controlled collapse.


On 27 September 2018 the Congress voted to activate controlled collapse. With this activation, the Congress was dissolved, and the Supreme Leader was left with absolute power. Additionally, the Fraughtian Community was put in lockdown—no new members could be verified, and no Sol transactions could take place.

GayMerMan4REALZ worked with FraughtMovie0 on community reform throughout the week. 60% of inactive members were purged from various regions, and all regions were now exclusively based on Minecraft. Colonies and territories would be for all other activities.

GayMerMan4REALZ resigned on 9 October. This caused a leadership crisis, because all levels of Fraughtian government were now inactive. FraughtMovie0 was left as the de facto leader, and used his capacity to rewrite the constitution. That next week the new Rules of the Community (ROTC) document was finished and enacted. The community was restricted to CMR, FMR, DHR, and Outermost Regions, and the one colony of Arctic Paix. All other regions were given independence or abandoned.


The Fraughtian Community completely restructured during the controlled collapse. All of the new regions created or acquired during the Silent War were abandoned, and a new rulebook was created to better manage the community. On 5 December the Minecraft Hub colony was established, based on Java Minecraft advertisement. It was at this time that the Fraughtian Maker's Region was relaunched as the Java Minecraft Region (JMR), as a part of the plan to differentiate the FMR in a last ditch effort to save the region.

The Fraughtian Sol was kept and expanded on, but various crises would force the Fraughtian President to reform the Sol. On 3 January 2019 the Sol was completely upgraded, with the major changes including the lack of direct transfer into US$, and the currency being more of a share of the community, than a direct credit.

Into 2019, FraughtMovie established Uniserverism, a rule which limited members to a single region or colony. This was done with the purpose of separating out the regions and reducing “inactivity waves.”


  • This article incorporates text from Public Domain document "2018 Controlled Collapse", a publication from the Minister of History