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Fraughtian Xbox 360 Region


Regional emblem
Coat of arms
Motto: Ut Sunt Originis
Official languagesEnglish
Various regional languages
GovernmentSFDC (Standard Fraughtian Democratic Consul)
• Regional Leader
• Census
Approx. 300

The Xbox 360 Region was a region of the Fraughtian Community. Founded in 2012 as the principal region, the Xbox 360 Region was first considered separate with the Protocol of 2014. The designation region was established with the Protocol of 2016. Throughout much of its history, the region has maintained an average of 300 members. In 2018, the region was reformed into Fraughtium, an effort to revive the old region. Later that year, Fraughtium would be disestablished in the 2018 controlled collapse, with most of its members having immigrated to the Central Minecraft or Fraughtian Minecraft Regions.

During its peak, the region served as the economic and political capital of Fraughtia. Having the most attention from Fraughtian Businesses, the Fraughtian Army was closely involved and invested. The region oversaw the use of the Fraught Point, New Fraught Point, and the beginning of the Fraughtian Sol.


On 7 December 2012, FraughtMovie0 began creating Minecraft Maps on Xbox 360. His followers eventually came to be known as the “Fraught Squad.” In early to mid-2013, the "Fraught Army" was established, to protect Fraught's Minigame Maps from being copied by others. "Country Map," in which you created a town and had to protect it, was the most popular, and inspired many members to create similar maps. Going into late 2013, the Fraughtian Army was deployed often to destroy uncredited copies of Fraught's Maps.

This era is defined by the Battle of the Foundation, in which the Fraughtian Community was victorious over the Soulcrusher clan and fully annexed the clan. The original currency, Fraught Point, starts to see use at this time. White Caps, the highest ranking members of the Fraughtian Army, were deployed as moderators of the region.

This time period is marked by the number of Minecraft Maps created—Super Smash Bros., Brawny Bro, Mastercraft 4, and Deseo 2. The FraughtShop was established at this time, a map which allowed members to spend their FraughtPoints on various Fraughtian maps.

Problematic era

Tensions between the Supreme Leader FraughtMovie and popular member xXBadLegosXx began to cause tension and divide in the community. Crazy Nation, led by CRAZY4UGIRL, was determined to infiltrate and destroy the community. Joined by CuteTitanPanda, they formed the anti-Fraughtian coalition, and were seeking the weakening or destruction of the Fraughtian Community. Map-making stopped during this era, as people dealt with the constant threats and attacks. This eventually led to the banning of xXBadLegosXx, in an attempt to stop the conflict.

FraughtMovie had entered into a state of inactivity at this time. He had been suffering stress, and his grandparents were suffering medical complications, forcing him away from the community. All together, the community as a whole had entered a state of downturn and inactivity.

Community era

With the return of FraughtMovie, the community sprang back into activity. Many of the leaders of the anti-Fraughtian coalition had apologized, and got back into good terms with FraughtMovie, including xXBadLegosXx and CuteTitanPanda.

The Protocol of 2014 was created, bringing a variety of reforms, including designating Xbox 360 as its own "community," a precursor to the region division. xXBadLegosXx was given full control as community leader, free from the influence of the Fraughtian Army. As leader, he was given a seat in the newly formed Consulate of Leaders, alongside the Google+ and Xbox One leaders.

The FraughtShop map was brought back, and new minigames were created, including RoboWars and FraughtBam!. Many older members came back to the community and contributed to the activity and prosperity of the community at this time. Inactivity in the Consulate of Leaders led to FraughtMovie taking over control of the Xbox 360 community. Shortly thereafter, FraughtMovie resigned as Supreme Leader, leaving him with only the leadership of the Xbox 360. In accordance with the Resolution of 2015, the next Supreme Leader would be chosen via “hereditary succession,” in which former girlfriend CuteTitanPanda would be selected.

Creation of regions

The new Supreme Leader, CuteTitanPanda, would reform the Fraughtian Community in her first few months. She fixed the economic system by replacing the old Fraught Point with the New Fraught Point (NFP), which was designed to be more resilient to inflation, and to have actual worth. She also created "regions," subdivisions that replaced the existing "community"-level distinction. The Xbox 360 Region was the first of the communities to be considered a region. FraughtMovie, leader of the new region, left the leadership back to xXBadLegosXx. He was able to sustain the growth and activity, releasing RoboWars 2, a massive hit in the region.

Despite the community-wide growth and activity, Supreme Leader CuteTitanPanda was temporarily unable to run, placing the community under a State of Emergency. A general election for the temporary leadership was held, and xXBadLegosXx narrowly won the vote. He was able to lead the community for a little while, but facing his own problems was forced to go inactive.

Factional era

With the temporary leader unable to rule, this left the Fraughtian Community as a whole in a state of crisis. The Xbox 360 Region doubly-so, as its leader was inactive. This prompted the activation of the "survival plan", a mechanism to split the community into three different factions, generally based on the three largest regions. The Xbox 360 Region became the Xbox 360 Faction and was ruled by Codykat and Bad Bad Ganster.

The two new leaders were relatively inexperienced, and failed to maintain historical levels of activity or population. FraughtMovie helped assist the three factions, to prevent a clash destroying the community as a whole.

Regional stabilization

Eventually xXBadLegosXx and CuteTitanPanda return and reunite the community. With the Xbox 360 leader and Supreme leader both back in charge, the Fraughtian Community started to recover. CuteTitanPanda introduces a number of reforms, but resigns leaving the Fraughtian Constituent Congress with her executive powers.

An election was held in October 2016 to elect the next regional leader of Xbox 360. Two candidates rose to the top—NWO Ichigo, Commander-in-chief of the Army, and xXBadLegosXx, incumbent leader. In a landslide win, xXBadLegosXx kept his position as regional leader.

As members started slowly moving to the newer Xbox One, the Congress had decided to create a separate region for the platform. The Xbox One Region is created, with xXBadLegosXx holding the position of regional leader. This leaves the Xbox 360 regional leadership empty. FraughtMovie pushes for HeyYouJelly, a newer member, to become the next leader. HeyYouJelly eventually takes office and becomes the next Xbox 360 leader.

2017 was a year of continued success for the Xbox 360 Region, with renewed interest and growth in the region. The Fraughtian Minecraft Region (FMR), a region focused on Minecraft Java Edition, was the first to experiment with using Discord as its main platform. The success of the FMR led to most other regions getting official Discord servers, including the Xbox 360 Region. Most members did not join Discord immediately, with only a fraction of all active members having joined the Discord server.

Reformation into Fraughtium

In 2018, with much of the Xbox 360 region facing lessened activity, FraughtMovie took over as regional leader. Taking back power, FraughtMovie reformed the region into "Fraughtium", a Discord-based region focused on the older members and maps. With the support of FraughtMovie to reconnect with the Xbox 360 members, Fraughtium was able to bring back the success of the former Xbox 360 Region, and was maintained throughout 2018.

During the Silent War, Fraughtium continued slowly, as FraughtMovie was the temporary Supreme Leader during GayMerMan4REALZ's absence. After the end of the war, upon the return of GayMerMan4REALZ, FraughtMovie once again focused on Fraghtium. However, the region was in a state of inactivity as many of its members were shared with the Central Minecraft Region. The region was formally dissolved during the 2018 controlled collapse. All members of Fraughtium were encouraged to join either the Central Minecraft or Fraughtian Minecraft Regions, depending on whether they primarily played the Bedrock (Console or phone) or Java versions of Minecraft.


The Xbox 360 Region was the longest lasting region, having existed for nearly 6 years, from 7 December 2012 until its dissolution on 27 September 2018. Various systems created within the region are still used to this day, including the economic system, Minecraft Maps, and its system of governance. The Fraughtian Army and White Caps are still remembered and serve as the inspiration for the Fraughtia Games events and the REVOKED competitive Minecraft team.


The culture of the Xbox 360 Region was dominated by Minecraft, but many members played other games, including Halo and Call of Duty. In-Minecraft, members played FraughtMovie's maps, with many others helping out in design or creating sequels. Many members had and used the currencies—Fraught Point and New Fraught Point to sell and purchase items in the various maps or in the FraughtShop.

The Fraughtian Army was a major component of the Xbox 360 Region in its early years, giving it a strong PvP culture. The Fraughtian battling style eventually came to be used by many members, and is original to the Xbox 360 Region. The Fraughtian neo-colonialist architecture was founded in the city of Nieve, a capital of sorts for the community in-game.

Notable members

  • FraughtMovie0 (Founder, 1st Supreme Leader, Regional Leader)
  • BadLegos (Regional Leader)
  • CuteTitanPanda (2nd Supreme Leader)
  • Codykat (Factional leader)
  • Bad Bad Ganster (Factional leader)
  • Ichigo (Commander-in-chief of the Fraughtian Army)
  • HeyYouJelly (Regional Leader)
  • AzureGirl (3rd Supreme Leader)
  • GayMerMan4REALZ (4th Supreme Leader)


  • This article incorporates text from Public Domain document "Xbox 360 Region", a publication from the Minister of History