Xbox 360 Region

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Fraughtian Xbox 360 Region
Regional emblem

Ut Sunt Originis
Official language(s)English
Various regional languages
Official religion(s)None official
Short nameXB360
GovernmentSFDC (Standard Fraughtian Democratic Consul)
- Regional LeaderDragoF1sh
PopulationApprox. 300

The Xbox 360 Region is a region of the Fraughtian Community. Founded in 2012, it is the oldest of all the regions and the cradle of the community itself. With a population of about 300 members, it is also the second most populous region, behind the Outermost Regions.

The region is also the de facto economic capital, as most of the Fraughtian economy is centered around Xboxite companies. Due to this it is also the region with most national investment and protection provided by the Fraughtian Army.


Xboxite history is complex due to the fact that for most of it's history it's been the only region of the community. Therefore, Xboxite history is divided into 6 eras. The FraughtSquad/Fraughtian Army Era, Early Community Era, Consulate Era, First Regional Era, Faction Era, Second Regional Era.

FraughtSquad/Fraughtian Army Era

During this era, the line between this region and the community was non/existent. Since all members of the Fraught Squad and the Fraughtian Army were on Xbox 360, there was no need for a distinction. It's worth mentioning that while FraughtMovie0 held all power over members on the Xbox 360, other White Caps acted as moderators among lower ranking members. After the community began to accept non-army members, the emancipation of the first Fraughtian Community began and so, the need for a clear hierarchy between members grew.

Early Community Era

During this era, the Fraughtian Community was exclusively on Xbox 360, but not all of it's members were a part of the Fraughtian Army. FraughtMovie0 still maintained powers but delegated some internal issues to either the First Lady or trusted army members. It's during the end of this era when Xboxites began feeling ignored by FraughtMovie, as he was too focused on external affairs with other clans or with the expansion of the community.

Consulate Era

Following the Fraughtian Tragedy, FraughtMovie0 formally creates the Protocol of 2014. The protocol establishes the Xbox 360 and other platforms as a communities and designates xXBadLegosXx as the leader of the Xbox 360 Community Leader. This is the first time a distinction between the general community and the Xbox 360 was made. As community leader, xXBadLegosXx had the liberty to form his own government, free from the influence of the Fraughtian Army, and with representation in the Consulate of Leaders of the Fraughtian Community. Despite this, the inactivity in the consulate leads to a community-wide inactivity and FraughtMovie0 returns to lead the Xbox 360 while still being Supreme Fraughtian Leader. This era ends when FraughtMovie0 steps down from power and Supreme Leader Chloe Reyes adopts the Protocol of 2016.

First Regional Era

Following the adoption of the Protocol of 2016, FraughtMovie remains leader of the now Xbox 360 Region. The region continues under FraughtMovie's rule until he gives his position to XxXBadLegosXx. Soon after, CuteTitanPanda retires and xXBadLegosXx assumes the role of temporary Supreme Leader. This arrangement was short lived as xXBadLegosXx declares that his unable to rule and the community enters the Three Factions Era.

Faction Era

During the Three Factions Era, the Xbox 360 converts into the Xbox 360 Faction, lead by Codykat and Bad Bad Ganster. During this era, the Xboxites are largely ignored due to the inexperience of the leaders. The return of xXBadLegosXx and Chloe Reyes ends this era.

Second Regional Era

With Chloe Reyes back as the Supreme Fraughtian Leader, xXBadLegosXx returns as Regional Leader of Xbox 360. After a short period of prosperity, Chloe Reyes retires from power entirely, but with a more powerful Congress to complete the functions of the Leader. As the community stabilizes, the Xbox 360 Region holds elections between current leader, xXBadLegosXx and Commander-in-chief of the Fraughtian Army, NWO Ichigo. In a landslide win, xXBadLegosXx maintains power.

As time passes, Congress pushes for the creation of a new region on Xbox One, and assigns xXBadLegosXx as the regional leader. To fill the position, a relatively new member, HeyYouJelly, is proposed by FraughtMovie0 and soon becomes Regional Leader. During his term, the Xbox 360 fully stabilizes, seeing a growth rate of around 130% yearly.


HeyYouJelly's administration follows the Standard Fraughtian Democratic Consul, which based upon the Fraughtian Community's government structure.


The Xbox 360 Region was founded by FraughtMovie0 on 7/12/12. At the time it was known as the