Fraughtian Sol

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Fraughtian Sol
Official usersFRAUGHTIANFLAG.png Fraughtian Community
SymbolSOL.png, S/
Banknotes10 Soles
Central bankFraughtian Central Reserve

The Fraughtian Sol is the currency of the Fraughtian Community, since early 2018.


The Fraughtian Sol is the 3rd currency used by the Fraughtian Community. The previous 2 were: the Fraughtian Point (FP), and the New Fraughtian Point (NFP). Both of these currencies died due to severe inflation, which caused the Fraughtian Sol to be created.

Originally, the plan for soles were to have them embedded in images. However, this provided several challenges. For one, how can the copying of bills be made impossible? The bills started to fall out of favor once the registry was setup. The registry allowed you to save soles in your registry, which replaced some of the function of bills. Bills were really made obsolete once FraughtMovie setup SOLTRANS, a way to transfer soles to other members (and by extension companies/region) via a form. This was a huge hit and allowed many more people to have access to the sol. However, this basically killed off any change of the bills gaining any use by members.


All Fraughtian Soles are digital, so there are no physical banknotes. However, there were digital notes that existed for a short time.