Fraughtian Region

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Historically, a region was defined as a constituent member clan of the Fraughtian Community. After the controlled collapse of 2020, all regions except for Caveton were given independence, leaving Caveton as the sole and principle region of Fraughtia.

Regions of the Fraughtian Community

The 4 Fraughtian Regions.

CMRFLAG.png Central Minecraft Region

Noflag.png Java Minecraft Region

Noflag.png Dare the Hare Region

Noflag.png Outermost Regions

Former Regions

The Fraughtian Community had many regions that have either become inactive or have been dissolved.

Xbox Region

The Xbox 360 Region was founded in 2012 and was the first region of the community. In 2018, following mass inactivity, it was changed into the Fraughtium Region. After the controlled collapse of 2018, Fraughtium was dissolved, and FraughtMovie encouraged the members to join the CMR.

Fraughtian Steam Region

The Fraughtian Steam Region was founded in 2016 (need to verify). It was attacked and destroyed in 2017 by Jason Sindoni during the 404 attack. There was an attempted revival in 2018, but the 2018 controlled collapse put an end to it.

Gaming Crew Region

The Gaming Crew Region was annexed in 2018 during the Silent War. It left the community during the 2018 controlled collapse, and is now an independent server.