Fraughtian Times

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Fraughtian Times
FormatOnline blog, Google Doc
Founded5 Dec 2015
Political alignmentNeutral
HeadquartersCentral Minecraft Region
WebsiteOld Blogger Page

The Fraughtian Times is an online newspaper currently operating in the Central Minecraft Region of the Fraughtian Community.


The Fraughtian Times started its operations on December 5, 2015. It was created as a test, and would be deleted if the results weren't what was expected. The Fraughtian Times lasted for two months, and going inactive after January 31, 2016. Recently, FraughtMovie revived it, but ditched the blogger-style format. FraughtMovie has the news formatted in a Google Doc, and resembles paper newspapers. FraughtMovie also plans to make the papers cost money in order to buy.

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