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The Silent War (June-August 2018) was a conflict between the Fraughtian Community and the Elite Federation, initiated by attacks from prominent Elitian leaders. The war was primarily fought over the issue of independence of the NSR.


The name Silent War was given to this conflict, due to war never being formally declared on any side.


In February 2018, the Fraughtian Community annexed "YouTube Hangout", a YouTube-focused Discord community under partnership with the Elite Federation. Several Elitians were threatened by this action, and threatened the Fraughtian Community with observation if they followed through with the annexation. High-ranking Fraughtians counter-threatened with much worse, but offered peace and assistance if the Elite Federation rescinded its threat.

During the next month, the Fraughtian Community gave aid and support to the Elite Federation. Their growth and success was advertised in many Fraughtian regions, citing "Fraughtian-style imperialism" as the reason for the incredible growth. Further on, the two communities had discussed creating a "United Nations of Communities" between the two big powers. While this never was agreed on, the discussion shows the peace and alliance between the two powers.

Outbreak in Meltdown

Meltdown conflict

Around the same time as the Fraughtian Community supported the Elitians, there was another community causing disturbances. Lightning Server was a relatively small clan with connections to Hal's Crafters, Meltdown, and Swagcaster. FraughtMovie, wanting to seize this opportunity to have a server in the Hal-Meltdown Cluster, called for Packerfan's retreat from the server.

FraughtMovie had made the right move, as not long after lightning20052—owner of Lightning Server—had requested annexation into the Fraughtian Community. Lightning Server was closely connected to Meltdown Inc., owned by lightning20052's brother, Firedrop. Firedrop, along with Meltdown Inc., was quite disruptive to the ongoing Fraughtianization and colonization of Lightning Server.

Despite the attacks, Firedrop had requested for annexation of Meltdown Inc. FraughtMovie, not wanting multiple colonies within the same cluster, had called for a unification of these two colonies. Congress had agreed, and with the consent of the two brothers, merging and colonization continued.

The colonization was strained by Meltdown's close connections with Hal's Crafters. Hal's Crafters was both home of Swagcaster, a banned Fraughtian enemy, and closely connected with Minecraft Multiplayer, which had denounced Packerfan as a griefer and enemy. This poor relationship made all relations with Hal's Crafters impossible, and as such, FraughtMovie had requested that lightning20052 and Firedrop both leave Hal's Crafters. They both agreed, and colonization continued.

However, these strained relations did not improve. Lightning20052, after increasing resentment towards Hal's Crafters, had denounced the community and threatened Hal with war. This was not in Fraughtian interests, and led to the decolonization of Meltdown. Lightning20052 had been given a TIER 4 ban

Following the decolonization, Meltdown continued to threaten Hal's Crafters with war. Because of this, Supreme Leader GayMerMan4REALZ launched an attack on Meltdown, completely destroying its Discord server.

The Meltdownians had partially recovered and declared war on the Fraughtian Community. However, this declaration wasn't taken seriously and was met with ridicule. Hostility continued until early June, when 7 June 2018 Firedrop and FraughtMovie reached a peace agreement.

SRCR and CMR Crisis

Spaceranger, a member of both Meltdown and Hal's Crafters during this time, had created the Spaceranger Clan/Region (SRCR). The name of region was derived from the Fraughtian region. The SRCR was attacked and destroyed by Love of Helium, CMR Member and had connections to Meltdown, following the destruction of Meltdown. Due to the SRCR being under the No Bellum Ante policy, Love of Helium was given a TIER 5 ban from the Fraughtian Community.

The CMR Crisis started after Love of Helium was illegally unbanned by Regional Leader Packerfan. This angered the Supreme Leader and he sought to get ownership of the CMR. GayMerMan4REALZ got Packerfan to believe hackers were coming after his account and handed over the ownership to the Supreme Leader.

This led to giving Packerfan a public trial on whether he should continue to own the CMR or to be banned. The results of the trial removed Packerfan as leader, and gave him a full pardon.

This kicked off elections in the CMR, known as Decision 2018. MarbalTM, FMR native, won the election and became Regional Leader in the region.

Outbreak in Elite

The Elitian conflict started as hostilities with Meltdown were coming to a close. Lex, the Elitian president, grew weary of Fraughtian support, and unwilling to give payment for the aid, hid 2 key chats from FraughtMovie. Noa, SomeWolf, and JcoDog—all former Elitians—left the Elite Federation and sided with the Fraughtian Community. FraughtMovie, upon learning about Elite's plans, formally denounced the Elite Federation.

NSR Crisis

At this time, the Nintendo Switch Region (NSR) was in an ongoing crisis. ManWithTheHat, the current regional leader, formally declared independence after running an internal referendum. Him, Almog, and Love of Helium all colluded with the Elite Federation on the now-called Nintendo Switch Place (NSP). FraughtMovie—temporary Supreme Leader— formally took imminent domain and called the NSR separatists and Elitian leaders to a trial, threatening them with a TIER 4 ban if they do not show themselves. Additionally, the Elite Federation and newly independent NSP were classified as hostile.

Elitian betrayal

FraughtMovie demanded payment for reparations, establishment of an embassy, and the opening of Elitian regions. The entire Fraughtian Congress—which at that time had gained two new regions, the Waving Chaos Region (annexed server to reestablish Fraughtian influence in the Nintendo Switch), and the Fraughtian Tech Region—signed a declaration to the Elitian leaders to bring them before a congressional tribunal.

Lex and Droid ignored the request for summons and did not speak to FraughtMovie or the congress. This angered the Fraughtians, and they started to form a plan of attack.

Helium growth

Parallel to all of this, Love of Helium had been rapidly growing his Helium Community. Starting off with a small 20 member clan, he was able to create new advertising, art, and gaming regions, as well as strengthen their ties with Elite. It was at this time when they annexed Diamond Advertising and formed an alliance with the World Community—creators of Diamond Advertising. With this new alliance, Love of Helium started development on a new discord bot for security of Discord servers.

Firedrop and lightning20052 had been recovering their community, and asked to join Love of Helium as a region. Love of Helium agreed on the expectation that he would get administrative control of the new region. Both sides agreed, and Meltdown was annexed into the Helium Community as "The Wastelands Region." The Wastelands were a largely anti-Fraughtian region, and worried FraughtMovie and the Fraughtian Congress. All of this growth eventually came to a stop at the end of July, just as the Fraughtian Community was planning on executing Operation Athens.

Operation Athens

Operation Athens was the plan to recover the NSP and force the Elite Federation into surrender. The operation was masterminded by FraughtMovie, and would be executed as a two pronged conquest of Elite's Gaming Crew Region, and the independent Nintendo Switch Place.

On 9 August, Elite's Gaming Crew Region (GCR) surrendered to the Fraughtians, and was formally annexed as a Fraughtian Region. The leaders of the GCR quickly switched sides, leading to this being a decisive victory for the Fraughtian Community.

Meanwhile, in the Nintendo Switch Place, Fraughtian insiders were pushing for a new leader of the community. Kuli had been in contact with the Fraughtian Congress and succeeded ManWithTheHat as leader of the NSP. Kuli then handed over the community to FraughtMovie, which re-integrated it as a Fraughtian colony. As a result of this Fraughtian victory, Kuli was awarded with the Honorary Son of the Community Award, the highest honor one can receive.

Operation Athens was an incredible victory for the Fraughtian Community. Following this, FraughtMovie pushed for a peace treaty with the Elite Federation, but Lex did not accept the deal.

Treaty of Helium

Following Operation Athens, the Elite Federation was left weakened. They called on Love of Helium for assistance. He was able to uncover a Fraughtian plan to attack the Elitian Capital—Elite Advertising—and informed Lex. The Elites were able to ban the insiders and prevent the attack on their capital. Love of Helium also supported ManWithTheHat and Almog in creating the Nintendo Plaza after the NSP capture by the Fraughtian Community.

Even with this support, the Elite Federation and Helium Community agreed to end the hostilities with the Fraughtian Community. Love of Helium then wrote the Treaty of Helium. The treaty ended hostilities, and set up a process to merge the Helium Community with the Elite Federation. The document was signed on 16 August 2018, and marks the end of the Silent War.


The Silent War came to a close on 16 August following the signing of the Treaty of Helium. The war resulted in a complete Fraughtian victory, with the Elite Federation being reduced to only its capital. The merger defined in the Treaty of Helium was never carried out, and the two communities drifted apart.

Love of Helium was discovered to be an alt of Packerfan by Fraughtian Intelligence, and he was placed on a second trial. The result of the trial was a TIER 4 ban for Packerfan, and transfership of all Helium assets to the Fraughtian Community. On 3 October, Packerfan's ban was lifted and he was granted conditional membership. As a show of respect, FraughtMovie let Packerfan administer the new Helium Advertising Colony.


  • This article incorporates text from Public Domain document "The Silent War", a publication from the Minister of History