Dominion of Astraya

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Dominion of Astraya
Flag of the Dominion of Astraya New.jpg
Coat of Arms of Astraya.png
Coat of Arms
Motto: Victoria populi
Victory for the people
State Anthem of the Dominion of Astraya
CapitalNew Gaplastovia
Official languagesAmerican English
Roman Catholicism
Demonym(s)Astrayan, Gaplan
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy under the United Gaplan Empire
• Monarch
Wyatt Baek
• Governor-General
Nicolas Caiazzo
• Prime Minister
Chelsea Chen
LegislatureParliament of Astraya
• Establishment of the United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix
24 August 2015
• Establishment of the Federated States of Gapla
28 February 2019
• Aeolian Conference
6 August 2022
• Dominion of Astraya formed
3 September 2022
CurrencyGapla Dollar

The Dominion of Astraya, more commonly known as Astraya, is a self-declared sovereign state regarded as a micronation by external observers. Together with the Federated States of Gapla, it makes up one of the constituent states of the United Gaplan Empire. Established due to a need of reform and new purpose in Gapla, and inspired largely by the micronations at MicroCon 2022, it was created as an option against directly reforming Gapla, which already had a lot to risk.

The plan is to eventually integrate Astraya into Gapla after reforms such as a harsher citizenship application process, a more active government, becoming a more serious micronation, having straightforward goals and plans, and more.