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—  Federative unit and City  —
The Principality of Belmonte


Motto: Regem Quæ Sera Tamen
King, albeit late
Country Ebenthal
Settled 08 April 1958 (as residence of the Carvalho family)
Established as Roschfallenian city 08 February 2014 (as part of the extinc Seine Mountainous Repartition)
Established as Ebenthali principality and city 11 August 2014
 - Type Constitutional monarchy
 - Regent Nilza Carvalho
 - Total 34 (permanent)
Demonym Belmontine

Belmonte, officialy The Principality of Belmonte (Portuguese: Principado de Belmonte) is the second largest city of Ebenthal, having formely being the largest one for most of the country's existence. The city is a federative unit lanlocked by the city of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Belmonte was the first capital of Ebenthal, for two days (August 11th-13th, 2014). The lands comprising the cities has being inhabited by indigenous peoples since the middle ages and was first settled by the Portuguese during the 18th century. In 1894 the city of Belo Horizonte was founded, and the precise location of modern Belmonte was settled by the House of Carvalho around the 1950s. In January 2014 the city of Belmonte was founded by Pedro Carvalho from his family's lands and properties as part of the Seine Mountainous Repartition in Roschfallenian. That same year, in August, Pedro turned against Roschfallen and the city joined the seccessionist micronation of Ebenthal, serving as its first capital. He ruled the city-principality de facto until High King Arthur I's abdication in mid 2019, but remained on throne during all the reign of Mateus I and the regency. He was ultimatelly deposed by King Arthur II's royal decree in 29 December 2019 in order to create the title of Prince/ss of Belmonte for his heir; the Prince/ss of Belmonte would remain de jure the Belmontine monarch, whilst the principality would be ruled by a Regent - position to which Baroness Nilza Carvalho, grandmother of the former Prince of Belmonte, was appointed. The city is divided into three borough ruled by local barons who pledge loyalty to the Belmontine monarch and the regency in his/her name. The city formely hosted the Premier at his New Sion Palace.


The Principality of Belmonte is a city-state; a municipality - or city - and one of the six federative units of Ebenthal at the same time, five of which are principalities. It is one of the two Ebenthali city-states aside with Gillisburgh, the national capital, which is a single municipality and federative unit at the same time.