List of notable micronational conflicts

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This is a list of conflicts in the MicroWiki Community.




  • The Freihetian Civil War was fought between the Freihetian Empire and rebels from the territory of Rocklund. The conflict was sparked from Emperor Markus II's attempts to prevent the creation of the Wurtige Empire, which was absorbing members from the Confederate States of Prosperity, where Freihetia had a great deal of influence. A coup d'etat was attempted by rebel senators who were alarmed by Markus' attempts to have Knoll Island secede from the Wurtige Empire. States then broke away from Freihetia, and were supported by the fledgling Wurtige Empire. Peace accords were eventually negotiated by Yurtyzstan, which recognised Rocklund as independent. This was a precursor to the later Spice Wars.


  • The Spice Wars began in 2013 between New Israel (a successor to Freihetia) and the Wurtige Empire. The war was declared by New Israel, which held a grudge against the Wurtige Empire due to their role in the Freihetian Civil War; however, the Wurtige Empire largely ignored the conflict in 2013. New Israel re-annexed Rocklund, but became the subject of much derision within the MicroWiki Community after Emperor Markus II launched homophobic attacks against the President of the Oasis Islands, which greatly damaged New Israel's diplomatic standing.


  • The Freedomian Aggression (Third Spice War or West Germanic Bishop's War) was a continuation of the 2013 Spice Wars. The Kingdom of West Germania seceded from the Empire of New Israel, and was supported by the Wurtige Empire. The Wurtige Empire created the Treaty of York, creating the Yorkist coalition of nations which supported West Germania. The Yorkists were also supported diplomatically by the Ashukov Federation. The war ended when New Israel surrendered, ceding Rocklund to the Tsardom of Nolland and recognising West Germania as independent. However, within a year, New Israel had re-claimed Rocklund and re-unified with West Germania, which was not opposed by the Wurtige Empire as it had become inactive.

  • The Prima guerra dell'U.M.S. starts due to an attack by Franzlandia during the training of the National Team of PallaTennis Luxese. Several clashes followed and the decisive victory over Franzlandia.


  • The Pannonian War was declared by South Maudlandia against Liberland, over an area of terra nullius on the border between Croatia and Serbia known as Siga, which was claimed by both nations. Despite the fact that Liberland never acknowledged the war, a number of nations joined the war on South Maudlandia's side, including Paravia, Mcarthia and Nedland. Following intense criticism from older micronationalists, most of the belligerents withdrew from the conflict within a couple of weeks.



  • The Guerra di due ore begins after receiving a message delivered by the government of Franzlandia to the government of the Democratic Republic of Luxe. In just over two hours, the Luxese army, in collaboration with Fabroland captured the enemy soldier. In addition to an indemnity to be paid, Franzlandia was divided among the winners.


  • The Gymnasian-Bohemian Crisis in February was one of most important events in the modern Czech MicroWiki community. It broke out between the Gymnasium State and Republic of Bohemia, with other UMCE member states backing the Gymnasian side, and escalated into a short war at the end of the it. The tensions between the two nations never really disappeared until the July of 2019.


  • The TOES-Almendria War was an online Discord-based conflict between the controversial state of Almendria and a number of nations loosely affiliated with the TOES group. Arguably the most prominent of numerous "wars" based around Discord server "raids", it contributed heavily towards the negative reputation of both Almendrian leader Tizian Aruna, and the r/micronations community as a whole.
  • The Tungsten-MACP War was fought between the Tungsten Pact, led by the Wohlstand Vereinigung, against the Micronational Anti-Comintern Pact. It was another largely Reddit and Discord-based conflict, which was strongly criticised even by nations which had participated in the recent TOES-Almendria War. The conflict did see one purported physical "invasion" when the Wohlstand Vereinigung occupied the seemingly uninhabited Aleunnic Empire as part of Operation Seebrecher. As the MACP lost a number of members due to the conflict, the Tungsten Pact claimed victory. However, the Tungsten Pact itself would dissolve just a few weeks later.


  • The Great Des Plaines Valley War broke out in the Des Plaines Valley Sector near Chicago, after the Empire of Rodentia invaded Wegmat. The war was a rare example of physical conflict between micronations, and was perhaps the first time since the Pannonian War that a large number of (albeit younger) MicroWiki nations took sides in a war. This was largely due to the fact that Rodentia and its allies invaded the Rainbowlands, an array of territories within the sector that Wegmat had distributed to various MicroWiki nations. A number of nations chose to withdraw their claims in the Rainbowlands rather than become involved in the conflict.