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The Solvo Federation is a Territorial Micronation in Northern Ontario, Canada. Solvoia was founded as a reformation of the Gull Lake Republic. The Federation is governed by the Nation Assembly, a form of Direct Democracy.

Solvo Federation
Government Flaherty Isocracy
Territory 10 Square Kilometers
Location Solvo Sector
Currency Canadian dollar, Solvoian Economic Cooperation Treaty
Military Solvo National Guard, Flaradonian Royal Guard
Head of State None, Isocracy
Preceded by Gull Lake Republic
Succeeded by Republic of New Flaradonia


Solvoian Culture began in its early forms as the Gull Lake Republic. The Republic's Constitution Elections was held on September 23, which the Solvo Isocratic Alliance, a semi-libertarian, isocratic reform group won. The SIA launched the Solvoian Isocratic Reform, instating a Constitution based on Flaherty Isocracy. The Federation then created the National Assembly and annexed Morris Island, Long Island, and several other minor islands. On September 24, the National Assembly voted to grant the title of Ambassador to Michael Flaherty due to his involvement with the former republic.

The Federation then participated in the Flaradonian War of Succession, allying itself with the pro-protectoratism Sarahland. The Solvo National Guard had not yet been established, but Solvoian forces organized under the Principality Defense Initiate (PDI) and Sarahland Armed Forces (SAF) participated. The Battle of Sarahland and the Battle of Jacbonia-Davidistan quickly followed, and the War ended when the Flaradonian Union was formed and accepted Protectorate status. 

When the Grand Vicarate of Angel Island was formed by Grand Vicar Borsellino in response to the rising power of the Federation in Hamilton, the two nations staged a short lived Cold War, which was ended when a sense of Micronational kinship formed between the states. The Federation created the Solvo National Guard to counter future threats soon after.

After the Flaradonian Union reformed into the United Kingdom of Flaradonia, some predicted a Flaradonian Rebellion, however this did not occur.

The Federation joined the Mars Conventions immediately after their founding, and Ambassador Flaherty soon convinced the Slinky Empyre to join as well.

The Federation and the Grand Vicarate were placed on alert on the October Conspiracy, in which the Vicarate and the Federation uncovered rumors of "The Palmese State", believed to be headed by another Hamilton resident who knew the two founders. However, the Federation stated it's intention to help the Palmese State become a nation, if it was a peaceful attempt.

On November 1, the United Kingdom of Flaradonia renounced Protectorate status and reformed into the Grand Empire of Flaradonia, claiming both Ellicotville, a American Town, and Morris Island, along with Flaradonia, as it's territory. This caused alarm in the National Assembly, with the SNG being put on alert, despite the pro-Flaradonian policies of Ambassador Flaherty.

On November 25, the Solvoian National Guard were placed on defensive alert. The Social Republic of New Europe's invasion of Ohio without further warning was cited as the reason for the alert. Fort Hyperoin is established.

As of December 7, the Federation declared "national interest" in a ex-Finismundian island, the name of which is yet to be discovered. Confirmation of the claim is expected to arrive soon.

The Federation is now officially defunct. Due to increased stagnation, it has shrunk its territory and reformed into the Republic of New Flaradonia.

Territorial Claims

Listed below are the past, present and proposed territorial claims of the Solvo Federation.

  • Gull Lake District: All of Gull Lake. Estimated to be about 10 Kilometers. Many islands. Estimated population 2500.
  • Flaradonian Dependency: Flaradonia was, until the rise of the Flaradonian Empire, a protectorate of the Federation, meaning it's territory and population were considered in the national averages, among other things. No longer a part of the Federation. \
  • Two Rivers Territory: It has been suggested that the Federation expand to occupy the town of minden. If the claim is made, this will expand the Federations territory by over 20 Kilometers. Estimated population is around 1500.
  • Antartic Territory: It has been proposed that the Federation annex some unclaimed antartic islands. The theory behind this is that if a Island could be made self sufficient, it is possible that a Isocratic Federalist government could gain real world recognition.


The Federation is governed by the National Assembly. The National Assembly system is that every citizen of the Federation has the right to vote on any issue. The Assembly has de facto rule over The Solvo District, however most of its members do not actively participate in micronationalism, prefering to focus on local affairs. Another name for the Assembly is the Gull Lake Association.

The figureheads of the Federation are the Triumvirate. The Triumvirate consists of the leading military leader, (Triumvir Marshal) the official representative of the will of the Assembly, (Premier) and the official Ambassador to the micronational world. The assembly may change any members of the Council at any time, and contradict any decisions made by the Council. The Leaders of the Triumvirate in no way make decisions without the agreement of the National Assembly.

The National Assembly is the governing body. The Assembly actually governs Gull Lake, and many cottagers really do participate, however they do this without engaging in Micronationalism, and most only vote for matters immediately concerning them. The National Assembly is also known as the Gull Lake Assembly.

The Constitution of the Federation is the Solvo Articles. For more information on the Articles, see Solvo Federation 2009 Constitution.

The current ruling Truimvirate and voting majority (at least among the micronationalists) is part of the Isocratic Federalist Party. For information about the Isocratic Federalist ideology, see Flaherty Isocracy.

Military Forces

The Solvo National Guard (SNG) is the armed forces of the Solvo Federation. Members of the Guard are the only citizens allowed to carry arms other then Hunting Weapons. Divisions of the SNG are:

Solvo National Guard: The Infantry of the SNG.

Solvo Vehical Corps: The Mechanical component the SNG. The Vehical Corps currently constists only of Naval Pontoon Transports.

Solvo Defense Institute: The SDI is the developmental section of the SNG, consisting of mainly scientists and engineers. Under the direct command of the Triumvir General.

See Solvo National Guard

National Corporation

The Solvoian National Corporation is the main source of Income for the Solvoian Federation. The National Corporation performs economic activities, pays its staff, and sends the remainder of the money to the National Treasury. The National Assembly controls the budget.

The Federation recently created the  Solvoian Economic Cooperation Treaty, which the National Corporation will participate in.

As of October 25, the Solvo General Credit was made the official currency of the Federation. The SGC is subdivided into 20 Iso. A Iso is estimated at the worth of 10 cents Canadian, putting the SGC at the level of 2 Canadian Dollars. The Solvo Treasury Board manages this.

In a attempt to kick-start some trade, the National Quartz Reserve was created. Quartz is a common Mineral Outside the Federation, but on Gull Lake Quartz usually requires diving. As the Lake Freezes up in winter, the Quartz Industry will usually hibernate until spring. It is possible that a Quartz Mine will be discovered. Solvo Mining will be in control of the mines.

The Solvo Electricity Division has planned to place a lone hydro-power shaft in a neargy waterfall buildup. If this ambitious project succeeds, which hinges on the survival of the generator in the water and the cooperation of the property owners, it is possible that a small amount of power could be generated, lowering the dependency on Canadian Infastructure.

A few programers on Gull Lake have agreed that if their projects come to fruitition and a market is forseen, they would sell it to the National Corporation. The Sale of these programs will be delegated to Solvo Media.

If the plans for producing stamps, flags, coins and other memorabilia is profitable, then the Solvo Memorabilia Division will manage sales.


The Federation's official view of Global warming is that it does not currently exist. Global warming was based of incorrect or as we have recently found out FAKED data published by a bias council. (actual science shows the world is cooling, and we are actually heading in to a ice age. The melting of the artic is the same effect as a ice cube in a glass, it does not appear to be melting for a long time, then suddenly it goes clear, then it is gone entirely) This does not mean we can just keep polluting. The reason we condemn this is because that all this fuss over global warming detracts from other issues we should be focusing on, such as human rights abuses, over fishing of the oceans and building a newer, stabler eco friendly economy.

Remeber that the Federation is not condemning environmentalism, but we do not support faked or biased data which causes massive waste of reasources.


The Federation consists of mostly Canadians, meaning there is no real dominant ethnic group. All Citizens of the Federation and Sector are refered to a Solvoians.

The Federation counts all residents of its territory as citizens, however as the Federation uses Canadian Law and recognizes private ownership to land, most should be classified as non-active. The Estimate for the total population of the Federation is 2000.

Diplomatic Relations

The Solvo Federation is a neutralist country in the Micronational Cold War.

The Diplomatic Relations of the Federation Follow:

Slinky Empyre (unofficial friendship)

Republic of Nosotro (treaty of mutual non-agression and recognition)

Grand Empire of Flaradonia (strained relations)

Grand Vicarate of Angel Island (unofficial friendship)

Rukora (Rukora-Solvo treaty, non aggression, mutual recognition and mutual defense)

Zonian Confederacy (Alliance)

Secumundia (Alliance)