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This is a list of conflicts in the MicroWiki Community.




  • The Freihetian Civil War was fought between the Freihetian Empire and rebels from the territory of Rocklund. The conflict was sparked from Emperor Markus II's attempts to prevent the creation of the Wurtige Empire, which was absorbing members from the Confederate States of Prosperity, where Freihetia had a great deal of influence. A coup d'etat was attempted by rebel senators who were alarmed by Markus' attempts to have Knoll Island secede from the Wurtige Empire. States then broke away from Freihetia, and were supported by the fledgling Wurtige Empire. Peace accords were eventually negotiated by Yurtyzstan, which recognised Rocklund as independent. This was a precursor to the later Spice Wars.


  • The Spice Wars began in 2013 between New Israel (a successor to Freihetia) and the Wurtige Empire. The war was declared by New Israel, which held a grudge against the Wurtige Empire due to their role in the Freihetian Civil War; however, the Wurtige Empire largely ignored the conflict in 2013. New Israel re-annexed Rocklund, but became the subject of much derision within the MicroWiki Community after Emperor Markus II launched homophobic attacks against the President of the Oasis Islands, which greatly damaged New Israel's diplomatic standing.
  • Outremar Conflict (between The Templar Kingdom and Schalamzaar) The official religion of Schalamzaar was Shi'a Islam back in the day (2013). The Templar Kingdom has a rule for not recognizing the legitimacy and sovereignty of any Saracen nation, and this resulted in a conflict with Schalamzaar. Schalamzaar led a group of nations against the Templar Kingdom and the result was ongoing hostility between the two nations. After the change of religion in Schalamzaari state, the Templar Kingdom still banned the nation for cyber attacks it had committed during this period. However The Templer Kingdom does no longer keep the nation as unrecognized for the cyber-attacks and vandalism it once had committed on it's and other peoples web pages. Enough time has passed to let the past be the past. And forgive the error. (2013-2015 cyber war period / 2015-2019 blockade period) Duration:6 years


  • The Freedomian Aggression (Third Spice War or West Germanic Bishop's War) was a continuation of the 2013 Spice Wars. The Kingdom of West Germania seceded from the Empire of New Israel, and was supported by the Wurtige Empire. The Wurtige Empire created the Treaty of York, creating the Yorkist coalition of nations which supported West Germania. The Yorkists were also supported diplomatically by the Ashukov Federation. The war ended when New Israel surrendered, ceding Rocklund to the Tsardom of Nolland and recognising West Germania as independent. However, within a year, New Israel had re-claimed Rocklund and re-unified with West Germania, which was not opposed by the Wurtige Empire as it had become inactive.


  • The Pannonian War was declared by South Maudlandia against Liberland, over an area of terra nullius on the border between Croatia and Serbia known as Siga, which was claimed by both nations. Despite the fact that Liberland never acknowledged the war, a number of nations joined the war on South Maudlandia's side, including Paravia, Mcarthia and Nedland. Following intense criticism from older micronationalists, most of the belligerents withdrew from the conflict within a couple of weeks.



  • The Gymnasian-Bohemian Crisis in February was one of most important events in the modern Czech MicroWiki community. It broke out between the Gymnasium State and Republic of Bohemia, with other UMCE member states backing the Gymnasian side, and escalated into a short war at the end of the it. The tensions between the two nations never really disappeared until the July of 2019.


  • The Mycusian Conflict was the first of a series of virtual conflicts who saw the involvement of the Italian micronationalist community. The Kingdom of Caredolci declared war at Republic of Damazia on 4 April 2019 and the president of Chelandia joins the war against Caredolci. The war ends on April 21, with the victory of all the countries entered in the war with Damazia and Chelandia (MYCUS Coalition). On that day, Marco Tumbarello, the Supreme General (and dictator) of Caredolci abdicates and the micronation fails.


  • The Timo-Excitement Cold War took place from 3 October 2019 to 10 February 2020. The sides, non-communist Timo and communist SEnteral Excitement did not agree on what laws would be established. However, SEnteral Excitement got 11 citizens and Timo only 3, and SEnteral Excitement's leader, His Excellence Great Emperor Eshaan I, agreed with Timo during the sides signing the Treaty of Nate City that they would become two duchies (counties) of a new Timonocite Empire. Eshaan passed on his leadership to Shreekrishna Avhad, and Eshaan lead the entire Timonocite Empire as great emperor. On 20 March 2020, Eshaan announced that they would fully quit communism. The population merged, and more people were happy to enter.
  • The Brother War is going on still today
  • The 1st Felsbrunnian War was a war in the north-district of Felsbrunn.
  • The Titan Civil War happened in the People's Republic Of Titan