Flag of the North American Confederation

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Flag of the
North American Confederation
See adjacent text.
Name Union Flag
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 28 November 2010
Design A blue field charged with three five pointed stars charged on the upper right side.
Designed by CanadianRiver

The flag of the North American Confederation, commonly known as the Union Flag, is the national flag of the North American Confederation.


The flag is a solid blue background with three stars on the right side. Blue symbolizes that the nation can be strong and steadfast and or light and friendly. The number of stars represent the micronations that founded the confederation, Eniarku, New Europe and Ohio. The arrangement of the stars is to indicate the shape of the North American continent.


Regulated colors (2015) Blue White
Hex triplet #3A5B90 #FFFFFF
RGB 47, 82, 133 255, 255, 255

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