A1 People's Party

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A1 People's Party
LeaderPauline Lightman
FoundedNovember 9, 2008
HeadquartersNew Central (A1)
IdeologyDemocratic Communism, A1ism, Marxism
ColoursRed, Yellow

The A1 People’s Party was formed after the Pprit Revolution in January 2008. It was, until February 2009, the only political party in A1.


The party came into being upon Chairman Pprit's ascent to power on 1 January 2008, after leading the Pprit Revolution and declaring an independent state.

Chairman Pprit then proceeded to nominate certain citizens of A1 to fill preset portfolios in the executive government, with these citizens hence automatically becoming members of the A1 People’s Party.

Power sharing

The party entered into a power-sharing agreement with the Democratic Socialist Party in June 2009, which involved the leader of the Democratic Socialist Party becoming a minister in a vacant portfolio. This ended up being the Ministry for Infrastructure.

It has been commented by some that this power sharing agreement is in jeopardy, after rumoured tensions between the Deputy Chairman, Professor John Collins and Timothy Sharkbait.


August 2009

The party won the August 2009 A1 General Elections with 71% of the vote, returning them to power with a vastly increased majority. This was seen by some commentators as an exhibition of confidence by the citizens in their government.

March 2010

However, the March 2010 A1 General Elections showed a big swing against the Party, mainly due to the effects of the 2010 A1 Political Crisis and the United A1 Party. Following the recount, after the election bribery scandal, the A1 People's Party just gained a majority, with the Party itself gaining 46% of the vote, requiring 50% to form government. However, the 4% of the vote gained by the A1 Communist Party and its leader Viktor Kirponos, resulted in the Party just making the 50%, with the United A1 Party votes reaching 43%.

August 2010

The August 2010 A1 General Election produced the largest margin in A1's history, with the People's Party gaining 82% of the vote, as opposed to the National Party of A1's vote of 14%.


The People's Party became the Democratic Party in November 2010, following the November Transition into the FRA1.