A1 Democratic Party

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The Democratic Party of A1 was led by former MGPRA1 Chairman Prof. Charles Morris, after his party of over two years, the People's Party, was disbanded in favour of the Democratic Party.


Following the November Transition, Tom Ruppel disbanded the People's Party, which had held power in the now defunct Most Glorious People's Republic of A1 for almost all of its existence. Following this, he announced that the Democratic Party would be established to replace it.

In the November 2010 General Election, Donald Sunderland, the only member of the party, ran for the seat of Myrtle in Acacia, where the party is headquartered. Due to there being no other candidates, he successfully gained the seat and his position as Head of State (as First Secretary) was assured.

Merge with Cirrus

On 23 April 2011, Gordon Freeman announced that the Democratic Party would merge with the Lichthalzen-based Cirrus Party.