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A1 prides itself on its rich culture; especially in intellectual and musical fields.


Over half of A1's population is at least proficient in playing some sort of musical instrument, such as saxophone, trumpet and 'cello.

It was originally proposed to form an A1 Musical Academy to cater for the musical talent in A1, but this idea was soon absorbed by the University of A1 (see 'Education').


All primary and secondary education is outside of A1's realistic jurisdiction and control. However, A1 does house the University of A1.

University of A1

The University of A1 was opened in January 2010, after the 'Higher Learning Institute Committee', headed by then Deputy Chairman, DC Tomas Caulfield, handed down its final recommendations to the Central Committee. However, upon its opening, only one course, Masters of History, was available, due to other courses being "under construction". Most of these courses are due to be completed in early-2011.

Public holidays and commemoration days

This is the complete list of public holidays and commemoration days in A1, correct as of: October 23 2009


A1 has not specific dialect or its own language, but instead uses Australian English, which is strictly enforced by the A1 Spelling & Grammar Police (A1SGP) and the government. The U.S form of English is greatly discouraged, and there is currently a movement within A1 to outlaw its use completely. However, exceptions are in place in certain communes of Lichthalzen.


It is considered polite to shut doors behind you, especially on cold mornings.

It is also considered rude to make fun of the Chairman, interrupt a speech by the Chairman and to make a mockery of A1, as the majority of A1 citizens have a famous nationalism, and are proud of their country.

It is customary to greet fellow A1 citizens in formal or semi-formal ceremonies with the greeting: “Heil Pprit!”. This greeting should also be accompanied with the A1 salute, which is essentially the same as the Australian military salute.


A1 has two media outlets - the A1 News Service and the A1 Broadcasting Commission.

A1 News Service

The A1 News Service has been in operation since June 2008 and provides regular updates on happenings in A1 through 'posts' on its website.

Although it is funded and owned by the A1 government (the A1 government relinquishing control in mid-2009), it enjoys relative freedom, as shown in its coverage of A1's numerous elections.

A1 Broadcasting Commission

(See main article: A1 Broadcasting Commission)

The A1 Broadcasting Commission has been in operation since September 2009 and was established as a supplement to the highly successful A1 News Service, in order to provide A1 with its first television station.

The A1BC maintains a live channel ( and a YouTube channel (

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