Tomas Caulfield

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Tomas Caulfield
2nd Deputy Chairman of A1
Assumed office:
August 25, 2009
Preceded by: Rob Gribbon
Succeeded by: David Massarde
2nd Treasurer of A1
Assumed office:
August 25, 2009
Preceded by: Ellen Boswell
Succeeded by: Peter Williams
1st Governor of Mukhazia
Assumed office:
August 23, 2009
Preceded by: Position established
Succeeded by: Position abolished
1st Vice-Chancellor of FSA1
Assumed office:
March 2010
Preceded by: Position established
Succeeded by: Position abolished
Personal information
Born: 6 March 1994
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Macronationality: Australian
Micronationality Federalite (A1)

Tomas Caulfield was the Deputy Chairman of the Federated Republics of A1. Tomas Caulfield was previously the High Lord of the executive branch of Museus; but due to the announced threat of invasion from A1 he deffered and subsequently became an influential citizen of A1 until his rapid fall from grace after being removed from power on February 23 2010.


He was born in a lower-middle class blue-collar area of Mount Isa, Australia, and had lived in Thailand for three years before moving back to Australia to commence his schooling.

During his childhood he developed a love for travelling and through that love came a love for politics and international affairs. Later on in his life he became greatly inspired by the work of Rob Gribbon, and was inspired to start his own micronation, the nation of Museus.

However, the subsequent threat of invasion from A1 persuaded him to drop his folly and join A1.


Tomas's career began with the promise by Rob Gribbon, the Deputy Chairman at the time, to the office of Minister of Communications if Gribbon won the election. Tomas was also promised the position of the Governor of Mukhazia, on the grounds that he was previously the High Lord of the Executive Branch of Museus and that he had a vested interest in the future of the protectorate.

However, the Ministry of Communications has since been occupied by another citizen, due to protests by senior members of the government at "certain members" of government taking more than two important offices of responsibility.

Then, through his eagerness to participate in the state affairs of A1 and his stream of ideas, Tomas was chosen by Chairman Rob Gribbon to become the Deputy Chairman of A1 and subsequently the Treasurer of A1, after joining the A1 People's Party. In a statement about his sudden and rapid rise to power, Mr. Caulfield said "I am ecstatic about my appointment as Deputy Chairman of A1".

However, in February 2010, tensions between him and Chairman Gribbon came to "boiling point" when he was removed from power as Deputy Chairman & Treasurer, and replaced by David Massarde and Peter Williams respectively.

Following his self-exile from A1 with Alexei Borja, the former Director of the Office of the People, they jointly declared the Federal State of A1, which Caulfield became the Vice-Chancellor of.

He left micronationalism in October 2010.