High Court of A1

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High Court of A1
High Court in session during the YouTube Crisis
Established3 January 2009
CompositionBy nomination of First Secretary
Authorized byConstitution
High Justice
IncumbentJames Skinner
Since8 January 2011
Term endn/a

The High Court of A1 is the highest court in the A1 court system and the final court of appeal. It has jurisdiction & powers of judicial review over laws passed by the People's Congress, deals with matters of High Treason and interprets the Constitution of A1. The High Court is mandated by Chapter 3 of the Constitution, which vests in it the highest judicial stature in the Republic.

Maximus ze Blah was its first High Justice, being in place from mid 2009 to November 2010. Following the formation of the Federated Republics from the Most Glorious People's Republic, James Skinner became the second High Justice in early January 2011.

Role of the court

Under Section 30 of the A1 Constitution, the High Court has original jurisdiction in all matters:

  • Arising under any treaty
  • Affecting consuls or other representatives of other countries
  • In which the Republic, or a person suing or being sued on behalf of the Republic, is a party
  • Between Protectorates, or between residents of different Protectorates, or between a Protectorate and a resident of another Protectorate
  • In which high treason is involved

It is also the highest court of appeal in A1, and may hear appeals from any other court in A1.

Notable cases presided over

YouTube Crisis

See main article: YouTube Crisis
The 'YouTube Crisis' was a series of accusations and crimes committed by a then-citizen of A1, Nathan Holden, which culminated in a High Court hearing in December 2009.