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The Parliament of the Federated Republics of A1 is a bicameral legislative branch. It consists of a lower house (the Chamber of Electorates and an upper house (the House of Deputies).


The first sitting of parliament began on the 22nd November 2010, with the first two pieces of legislation being put forward by Acting Speaker and then-First Secretary, Donald Sunderland. Parliament met for the first time on the online forum. Parliament is expected to remain here indefinitely, to help combat time differences and macronational commitments of members.


Parliament consists of the Chamber of Electorates and the House of Deputies, being the lower and upper house respectively. The Chamber currently consists of four representatives from population-based electorates, with two members forming the majority from Lichthalzen Cirrus Party, one member from the Democratic Party and one independent member. Following the FRA1's first election in its present form, there were insufficient candidates for the House of Deputies.

The Constitution of the Federated Republics of A1 gives the Head of State, the First Secretary, the power to have final say over legislation passed by Parliament, although the First Secretary has never used this power to date.

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