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Republic flag

Parent nation: A1
Location: Indonesia (Surakarta, Semarang, Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta) & Jakarta)
Capital: Aldebaran
Type of protectorate: Semi-autonomous
Communes: Aldebaran, Achernar, Antares, Altair, Alphard, Algol & Arcturus
Formation: November 2009
Area: (approx.) 4840 sq metres
Governor: Mars McTavish

The A1 Republic of Lichthalzen was founded in November 2009, after weeks of planning by the A1 government. The republic is located in central Central Java, Indonesia, over 4800 km away from New Central itself.


Lichthalzen was founded in November 2009, and was the first protectorate to be established outside of the continent of Australia.

It gained at least 20 citizens in a few days in early December 2009, lifting the total citizen count for A1 to 69 (December 2009).

Then-Governor Mars McTavish embarked on a 53 day visit to Lichthalzen from December 2009 to January 2010 in order to set up the Protectorate, and her next visit was from December 2010 to January 2011.


No. of citizens: 42 (October 2010)

  • Inactive citizens: 28
  • Active citizens: 14

Age structure:

  • 0-14: 11.90%
  • 15-30: 64.29%
  • 31-50: 14.29%
  • >50: 9.52%

Literacy: 100%


Lichthalzen was unique amongst the MGPRA1's protectorates in that it has a provincial government, mainly due to the large distance from A1. At present, it no longer holds that title amongst the FRA1's republics.


Government positions are decided by the Premier, although major reforms must be approved by the National A1 Government. The Premier of Lichthalzen is elected by the republic's citizens.

Lichthalzen's communes are headed by Deputy Premiers, these being appointed by the Premier.

The list of current Deputy Premiers is as follows:

Geography and climate

The average temperature in the area is between 28–31 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity varies between 73–94 percent due to its tropical climate.

It also rains extensively throughout the area, and two dormant volcanoes lie close by to the protectorate.

w:Mount Merapi, one of the volcanoes, is currently showing extensive volcanic activities since the 12th of September 2010. The Institute for Volcanic Research and Technological Development (or BPPTK) located in Yogyakarta (where the commune Algol is located) has raised the status of Merapi from 'normal active' to 'vigilant' on the 23rd of September 2010, because the seismic multi-phase (MP) or surface seismic and volcanic earthquakes has been showing significant improvements.

The Lichthalzen Disaster Relief Group was formed in response to the Merapi eruption that occured on the 27th of October 2010 (which caused significant damage to some of Lichthalzen's infrastructure and temporary loss of human output), and will serve the protectorate's so-called "aid agency" which distributes aid for Lichthalzenites in need. Aid given may include temporary shelter, medicine and/or first aid kits, food and water and transport.

Two main rivers lies within close proximity to the protectorate: The Pepe River (Kali Pepe) on the north and Bengawan Solo on the east.

Natural hazards

Lichthalzen is a fairly hazardous place - thunderstorms, floods, earthquakes and extreme temperatures are amongst the main natural hazards in the republic.


Economic details have yet to be released.



Lichthalzen is the first and, to date, the only area of A1 that is exempt from A1's strict enforcement of Australian English. This is due to the protectorate's low proficiency in English, and for those citizens that do, they have learned U.S. English. One of Lichthalzen's citizens, AMC, who is an Australian, runs an English tutorial club where Lichthalzenites can come and improve their English skills.

There are three main languages spoken in Lichthalzen: Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), and U.S. English, although the two official languages are Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) and U.S. English.

Some citizens are also proficient in other languages, such as German, Dutch, Sundanese, Arabic and French.

In addition, Javanese Script is sometimes used as a form of writing and communication within Lichthalzen.

Food and Drink

Many different foods can be found in Lichthalzen including Durian, cow lung and frog soup, as well as some 'Western' foods.

Teh Botol Sosro (or simply iced tea) is the most popular drink within Lichthalzen, which compensates for the region's relatively high temperature.


The A1 News Service provides all news for the protectorate, as well as the rest of A1.

The Arts

Lichthalzen has several dedicated music groups such as:

The Governor is in charge of the running and maintenance of the groups.

A large portion of citizens are proficient in playing the Gamelan, and most citizens are also very fond of music composed, played, and performed by Jack Johnson.