Liberal Party of A1

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Liberal Party of A1
LeaderAdam Smith
PresidentPublius Argentum
Founded21 February 2012
Membership (2012)3
International affiliationLiberal InterMicronational
House of Deputies-
Chamber of Electorates
1 / 7
1 / 5

The Liberal Party of A1 (also known as the Liberal Party or LPA1) is a political party founded and registered with the Federated Republics of A1 on 21 February 2012. It is one of four registered parties with A1, and is the newest and smallest, with three members at its foundation. It is centered around the Republic of Kinsovea, A1's newest republic, but its constitution states its aim to become a party that is active in all parts of A1. The party currently has one elected member of the Chamber of Electorates and one premiership.


The LPA1 was formed in February 2012 following a series of discussions between the citizens of the new Republic of Kinsovea, which had joined A1 only the month before. Kinsovea's founder, Adam Smith, had been elected as an independent to represent Kinsovea in the Chamber of Electorates. Three Kinsoveans - Smith, his sister Angela Smith and Publius Mac Argentum - decided that they wanted to be active in A1 politics, but none of the three registered parties did not quite fit with their viewpoints.

In a few days, the three founders decided on a set of core values and a name, and the party was registered with the Ministry of Finance and Interior on 21 February.

A constitution for the party, drafted by Argentum, was ratified on 2 March. It was agreed that Argentum would be party president, Adam Smith would automatically become leader as the party's only member in the Chamber (MC) and Angela Smith would be chair in Kinsovea.

Due to Adam Smith's status as an MC and Premier of Kinsovea, the party started life with one MC and Premier.


Party members agreed to ratify a constitution drafted by Argentum on 2 March 2012. This provided for a federal structure and internal checks and balances to promote democracy. As part of a compromise between Argentum and Adam Smith, a dual leadership was created, split between a president and a leader, though it is possible for one person to hold these two positions in the future. The party also promises to hold a party conference every March and September which would have final say over party policy.


The leader is the political leader of the party, and must sit in the Chamber. There is a provision for the leader to be elected by all party members, but at times when there is only one Liberal in the Chamber, this is unnecessary. The constitution also provides for a deputy leader, but this position is vacant when the party only has one MC. The current leader is Adam Smith.


The president of the party is in charge of the administration of organisation of the party. The president does not need to be an MC and is elected by all members for a six month term. The current leader is Publius Mac Argentum.

Executive Council

The intention of the Executive Council is to provide a check on the leadership outside of the party conference. The committee would oversee day to day decisions on policy, electoral arrangements and other organisation. Below is a table of which positions are entitled to sit on the Executive Committee and their current holders.

LPA1 Executive Committee
Position Current holder Date of election
President Publius Mac Argentum Feb. 2012
Leader Adam Smith Feb. 2012
Deputy Leader vacant
Chair, Kinsovea Angela Smith Feb. 2012
Elected Representative vacant