Mars McTavish

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Her Excellency
Dame Mars McTavish (DOA1)
1st Governor/Premier of Lichthalzen
Assumed office:
25 November 2009
Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: -
Permanent Under-Secretary to the Ministry of Culture
Assumed office:
3 October 2009
Preceded by: Position established
Succeeded by: Position abolished
1st Prime Minister of the Federated Republics of A1 (Acting)
Assumed office:
29 October 2010
Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: Lord Clerregge
First Lady of A1
Assumed office:
Personal information
Birthplace: Surakarta
Macronationality: Australian/Indonesian
Micronationality A1

Mars McTavish was the first Prime Minister of A1, and is currently the premier and founder of the Republic of Lichthalzen and leader of the Cirrus Party.

Non-micronational Life

'Mars McTavish' is not her real name, and has adopted a number of aliases across the internet, including on gaming, social networking and other wiki websites.

She is fluent or proficient in 12 different languages, including English, Dutch, Indonesian, Javanese and Chinese (Mandarin). Her many years of travelling have contributed greatly to her lexicon of languages.

An avid gamer back in Indonesia, she is well known as 'Richard Ambrose' in more than 5 online games, and has earned top place in several online games. She started gaming when she was 9, played her first online game at the age of 12, and competed in numerous gaming tournaments along the way.

She also enjoys eating frogs legs, a traditional dish in Java.


She was appointed to her position in the Ministry of Culture as Permanent Under-Secretary on October 3 2009, being the first appointment into A1's public service. At around the same time, she became A1's First Lady.

It was also at around this time that she brought the idea forward to Donald Sunderland to establish a new protectorate or other administrative division in Indonesia. Chairman Rob Gribbon concurred and ordered a feasibility study into the establishment by the A1 Ministry of Interior. The results of this study were favourable, so after weeks of planning, Mars McTavish was given the go-ahead.

In December 2009, she was awarded the Order of A1 with the rank of Dame (Grade II), for her efforts in establishing Lichthalzen almost single handedly, gaining at least 40 new citizens for A1 and other important contributions.

Governor of Lichthalzen

This resulted in the acquisition of at least 20 new citizens for A1, for which she was widely applauded by the A1 government.

In Lichthalzen, she established the musical group, the Electrolight, as well as single-handedly organising the communes of Lichthalzen.

She was appointed as Dame of the Order of A1, largely because of her work as Governor.

Following this, she has been the initiator and overseer of many projects and programmes in Lichthalzen, including the Electrolight band and 'Lichthalzen the Musical', and has much support from within the protectorate, as well as outside it.

Prime Minister of FRA1

Following the MGPRA1 becoming the Federated Republics of A1, on the 29th October she was appointed as Acting Prime Minister of the FRA1 by new First Secretary, Donald Sunderland. She was appointed due to the delay in holding new elections, due to the eruption of Mt. Merapi in Lichthalzen, and because 85% of A1's population was from Lichthalzen at the time. She is also the frontrunner and overwhelming favourite to win the elections to become A1's first Prime Minister.

Awards & Decorations

  • Dame of the Order of A1 - Bestowed for "Outstanding services to the nation" by Chairman Rick Gunton.