Republic of Pontus

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Republic of Pontus

and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Classical Greek
• Premier
John Rudd
• Census
10 million
CurrencyPontus Ruble (R)
As Pontus was located on Micras, some information contained regarding the republic is fictional. This does not extend to other republics of the FRA1.

The Republic of Pontus was a republic of the Federated Republics of A1, located on the fictional world of Micras. The republic was established in November 2010 after the Federal Government of A1 submitted a claim to the Micronational Cartography Society for a section of land in the Eastern Hemisphere. It contained the capital of A1, Astolbia, as well as the main naval base for the Pontus Navy. It was the only republic permitted to raise its own military force.


Pontus was established in November 2010, after a claim submitted by the A1 Government was accepted by the Administrative Council of the Micronational Cartography Society, which administrates and maintains the world of Micras. An original claim for a small island in the extreme south of the world, was advised against by some MCS members, as the island was completely surrounded by year-round ice and freezing temperatures.

Thus, the claim was changed to its present location, and there were plans to expand further as more and more active citizens make their way onto the A1 Forum, which was used by the MCS to monitor a nation's activity.

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