A1 Military Intelligence

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A1 Military Intelligence
Inlelijen Militer A1
Grey Ensign of A1 Military Intelligence
Active2011 - present
CountryFile:FRA1 Test Flag 2.png Federated Republics of A1
Part ofA1 Defence Force
Chief of IntelligenceCIO Jim Tigertamer

A1 Military Intelligence (Abbreviated: A1MI; Indonesian: Inlelijen Militer A1) is the intelligence unit of the A1 Defence Force. Duties of the A1MI include gathering of information on foreign powers and on other interesting subjects. It is also the newest branch in the A1DF, being organised in June 2011.


The job of A1 Military Intelligence was originally held by the A1 Security and Intelligence Service of the A1 Civil Security Service under the Ministry of Finance and Interior. There it operated alongside the A1 Federal Police and the A1 Spelling and Grammar Police as a civilian government agency. The A1SIS under the A1CSS was headed by Colonel David Massarde for a significant portion of its existence, even though the service was civilian.

During June 2011, the A1 Security and Intelligence Service was moved to the A1 Defence Force to both merge the two organisations into one body and to give the A1 military the position of intelligence upkeep. Following this change, A1 Military Intelligence was formed as a fourth uniformed service of the A1DF and given the duties as a separate branch of the A1 armed forces. The commander of the force is to be decided as of current.

After the January reform of the A1 Defence Force, A1MI was kept mostly the same as it had been since its creation. The main addition was the application of pay grades to the ranks of the force.

Ranks and Insignia

Field Officers
File:CIOF epaulette diag.png File:COL epaulette diag 2.png File:MAJ epaulette diag 2.png
Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO) Colonel (Col) Major (Maj)
Junior Officers
File:CPT epaulette diag 3.png File:LEUT epaulette diag 3.png File:IOF epaulette diag.png
Captain (Cpt) Lieutenant (Lt) Intelligence Officer (InO)




The Military Intelligence ceremonial uniform consists of:

  • Brown shirt (with epaulette holders & shoulder patches)
  • Epaulettes
  • Brown trousers
  • Brown shoes
  • Brown socks
  • Medals & Decorations (as ordered)

The Military Intelligence combat uniform consists of:

  • Casual clothes
  • Armband with "A1MI" written
  • Rank insignia on armband
  • No medals or decorations to be worn with combat uniform


Operation Baked Alaska
The A1MI name for the co-operative operation between the Egtavian Intelligence Agency, St. Charlie and the A1MI for gathering intelligence on the micronation 'New Guinea' and its leader, 'Archangel', in order to author a dossier on the nation due to events in the OAM. The operation was the first for the newly reorganised agency and was a success.
Operation Canola
An operation intended to identify the perpetrator behind a series of vandalism attacks on Microwiki. Although the operation was carried out and agents came close to identification, there was not enough technical information for positive identification to occur.
Operation Wop
The nature of this operation is classified.
Operation First Life
The nature of this operation is classified.
Operation Snitch
The nature of this operation is classified.
Operation Silver Fleet
The nature of this operation is classified.
Operation Chameleon
The nature of this operation is classified.
Operation Wipeout
The nature of this operation is classified.