Socialist Party of A1

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Socialist Party of A1
LeaderJames Wilary
Founded24th December, 2010
HeadquartersGeorgetown, Prsänëa
NewspaperCommon Sense
Membership (2011)5
IdeologyLeft (Democratic Socialism)
International affiliationIntermicronational Socialist Forum

The Socialist Party of A1 is currently one of three political parties in the Federated Republics of A1. It is the only Marxist orientated political party in A1 and is the third largest of all the parties and the second largest federally based party with five current members. The Socialist Party has two elected representatives in the Chamber of Electorates.


The Socialist Party was founded in December 2010 in response to the nonexistence of a leftist based party in the Federated Republics of A1. The vacancy was origionally created by the changing of the then communist People's Party into the Democratic Party after the November Transition. The party's members gained a seat in the FRA1 Parliament in the November Election before the SPA1's creation. The party also currently leads two of the federated republics, the Prsänëa People's Republic and the Republic of Tianistan.

On March 29, 2011, the Marxist Party, a short lived splinter party based also on Marxism, merged with the SPA1 after negotiations and the writing of the Socialist Party's platform document.


The Socialist Party of A1 is a leftist based political party with a platform of pro Socialism and pro workers' rights. The Manifesto of the Socialist Party of A1 states the four chapters of the party platform along with the seven points for each section. As a party based on muti tendancy, the SPA1 does not follow strict guidlines for policy but general viewpoints for actions of its members. As with most ideologically simular parties, equality and worker governship are major contenders in party policy. Lesser stances revolve around anti war and small government plans. The SPA1 is a strong supporter of international leftist activities and what are considered to be "true" Socialist and Communist governments.


As the Socialist Party is based nationally, membership is open to all citizens of the FRA1. There are no current local chapters of the party for any of the republics because of the small member base. As of March 2011 there are five members.


The planned newspaper for the SPA1 is Common Sense. The name originates from the concept itself and how the party views the need for socialist reformation. The name is also from the pamphlet by Thomas Paine which helped to promote reformation and revolution in the 1700's United States of America.

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