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This article is about the memes of A1.

Republic of Acacia

Memes originating from the Republic of Acacia - formerly the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1.

"You'll eat sticks"

This phrase is the direct translation of a common utterance in Greek - "θα φάς ξύλο". The phrase can also be translated to literally mean 'You will eat wood'. It is used in Greek to indicate that someone (usually a child) is in big trouble (in this instance the 'wood' is taken to mean a cane) or, most commonly in more modern times, used in a joking context.


First coined in 2007 by an A1 citizen, it is used to attempt to start a conversation in awkward situations or where someone is trying to converse with someone else but can't think of a topic. Its intended use is to start a conversation about the computer game Spore. 'Bioshock?' was also used in a similar fashion to attempt to start a conversation about the computer game Bioshock.

However, in more recent times, both phrases have evolved to simply be random interjections in conversation. 'Spore?', specifically, is often used to refer to something stupid, silly or random in a humorous way.

"Πρόσεχε παιδί μου και μη πηδάς όταν στο δρόμο περπατάς"

Directly translated from Greek, the phrase means: "Be careful my child and don't jump when you walk on the road". It comes from a poem found at the Greek language school which some Acacian citizens went to and has since evolved as a phrase to annoy other people who went to the same Greek language school. Its annoyance comes partly from some bad memories of the school that some ex-students hold and partly from the rhyming nature of the phrase, being from a poem.


Many memes grew up around one of the students at the school in which the MGPRA1 operated - most notably a student whose self-preferred nickname was 'Zolly' (real name not disclosed). These were often due to quotes attributed to him, which were repeated amongst citizens if the situation provided for them.


The student was of Hungarian descent and often tried to boast of it, but due to his difficulties in being able to express himself on account of his inattention at school, often ended up insulting the country, himself or saying something else ridiculous. Some examples include:

  • "There's not Hungarian people in Australia...they all died out [sic]"
  • "Oh, that's imobvious"

Other quotes

Some of his more well-known quotes were often repeated in suitable contexts. The stupidity of many of the quotes made them popularly repeated even for just comedy relief or break an awkward silence, even spreading beyond A1's citizens. Some examples include:

  • "Hey, can you do the leprosy thing?"
  • "I haven't got a birthday card since grade 6"
  • "(To other student) If you don’t answer this, you’re gay". *pause while other student ignores* ".... alright, you’re gay. You’re not a boy, you’re a girl, or nothing. You have no balls..." (continues to ramble while other student continues to ignore)
  • "Onesome"

The Claylog

At the school in which the MGPRA1 was based, many Acacian citizens were members of the school's symphony orchestra. The orchestra was the centrepiece of the school's end of year celebration night which was run by a particular teacher at the school who was not well-liked, especially amongst the members of the orchestra, on account of her often condescending nature and almost total ignorance of almost any sort of musical knowledge.

As a result, Donald Sunderland began taking a tally of her many 'catch phrases' and other quirks, which was referred to as the 'Claylog'. One of her most famous lines was "wiggle your toes!"

Death trams

This idea involves trams being armoured and armed with machine guns, artillery and other heavy weaponry for war. It is also often used to start conversations.

It originated from a history class on the Russian Revolution during which a picture was found in the textbook of the Czech Legion manning an armoured train with a variety of different weapons on the roof, complete with camouflage.

Love trams

An extension of the above idea, the result of discussion through many history lessons, was the 'love tram'. It would essentially be a brothel on a tram and painted pink and mounted cannon firing rose petals as it moved.