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Most Glorious People's Republic of A1

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Role of the Chairman

The Chairman of A1 is head of State as well as head of Government.

Under the Administrative Arrangements Order

The A1 Administrative Arrangements Order states that the following functions are undertaken by the Chairman and his/her office:

  • Co-ordination of Government administration
  • Assistance to Cabinet and its Committees
  • Policy advice and administrative support to the Chairman
  • Intergovernmental relations and communications with Protectorate Governments
  • A1 honours and symbols policy
  • Government ceremonial and hospitality
  • Counter terrorism policy co-ordination
  • National security policy co-ordination
  • Work and family policy co-ordination
  • Privacy

The Office of the Deputy Chairman is called upon in the order to assist the Office of the Chairman in these areas.

Under the A1 Constitution

The A1 Constitution gives the Chairman great powers to excercise their authority.

Effects on the People's Congress

The sitting Chairman must sign any legislation passed by the People's Congress, and reserves to right to withold their signature indefinetly.

The Chairman may also dissalow a law passed by the Congress within a period of one year of it successfully passing through Congress.

Effects on the Executive Government

Constitutionally, the excecutive power of A1 is vested entirely in the Chairman, although it does not restrict the delegation of such power to other representatives.

The Chairman may also declare a 'State of Emergency' in "...times of domestic unrest or invasion". This gives the Chairman, and to some extent the Excecutive Government, full power to "...protect the integrity, peoples, property, workings and sovereignty of A1".

The power to decide the exact dates of A1's elections is also given, although this is restricted to having general elections every 3–4 years, except in a State of Emergency. In this case, the Chairman may call for emergency elections.

Effects on the military

Although the Chairman is constitutionally Commander-in-Chief of A1's military, this power has rarely been used. Actual command of the armed forces is vested in the G.O.C.A1.D.F. (General Officer Commander A1 Defence Force).

List of Chairmen of A1

  • January 2008 - August 2009: Her Gloriousness Chairman Marienka Pprit
    • February 2009 - August 2009: (Acting Chairman) Her Gloriousness Acting Chairman Llenroc
  • August 2009 - November 2011: His Gloriousness Rob Gribbon