A1 Party for Pert

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A1 Party for Pert
LeaderSachin Singh
FoundedFebruary 2009
DissolvedAugust 2009
HeadquartersNew Central (A1)

The A1 Party for Pert was formed after the government of A1 announced in February 2009 that it was allowing the formation of other political parties, following criticism.


The party has been led from its formation by Sachin Singh, a centre-left politician, who was formally the A1 Minister for Awesomeness, before this portfolio was abolished in the cabinet reshuffle of January 2009.

It tried to form a counterbalance to the incumbent A1 People's Party, but it failed in this respect, relinquishing the position of 2nd largest political party in A1 to the Democratic Socialist Party.

Its candidate for the 2009 General Elections was Sachin Singh.

After its miserable failure at the August 2009 General Elections, the party was dissolved and is no longer registered as a political party with the A1 Electoral Commission.