A1 general election, 2009

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August 2009 A1 General Election
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Chairmanship of the executive government of A1
August 23–25 2009
Political Party A1 People's Party A1 Party for Pert Democratic Socialist Party
Chairman Candidate Rob Gribbon Sachin Singh Timothy Sharkbait
Popular Vote (%) 71% 4% 10%

Federal elections for the People's Congress of A1 were held from 23 August to 25 August 2009 and were the first elections ever held in A1.


The elections were held after the A1 People's Party loosened their grip on power after February 2009, mainly due to rumoured criticism from inside the executive government and from other micronations in the area. This loosened grip on power meant fair, free and frequent multi-party elections, as well as amending the constitution in order to make A1 a "freer state", according to the then-Deputy Chairman, Rob Gribbon.

The then-Deputy Chairman of A1, Rob Gribbon, was the favourite to win the Chairmanship in this election. He was a member of the A1 People's Party, the party in power before the election, and was that party's nominated candidate to replace Acting Chairman Llenroc, who in turn replaced the absent Chairman Pprit.


On August 21, the A1 Government announced that the elections would be postponed due to tensions with Museus, which drew resources away from elections. The elections held from 23 August to the 25th August 2009.


The results of the election delivered a re-election of the incumbent A1 People's Party, with a vastly increased majority (71%), with the Democratic Socialists Party gaining 10% of the total vote.

There were 3 invalid votes (14% of the total vote).

Voter turnout

Voter turnout was approximately 50% of total citizens, but almost 90% of citizens registered to vote; an unusually high turnout given the relatively short notice given.