A1 Democratic Socialist Party

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A1 Democratic Socialist Party
Leader Timothy Sharkbait
Founded February 2008
Dissolved October 2010
Headquarters Federal State of A1
Membership 3
Ideology Interpretation of Democratic Socialism
Official colours Blue

The A1 Democratic Socialist Party was formed after the government of A1 announced in February 2009 that it was allowing the formation of other political parties, after criticism.


The party has been led from its formation by Timothy Sharkbait, a more left-aligned politician than his main rival in the A1 Party for Pert, Sachin Singh. He was the Minister for Infrastructure, having been relieved of his previous position of Governor of B2 and it now Permanent Secretary to the Office of the Deputy Chairman. However, it was rumoured, through tensions with then-Chairman Rob Gribbon, that he may lose his position.

Its candidate for the 2009 General Elections was Timothy Sharkbait.

Power sharing

The party entered into a power-sharing agreement with the A1 People's Party in June 2009, which involved the leader of the Democratic Socialist Party becoming a minister in a vacant portfolio. This ended up being the Ministry for Infrastructure.

In February 2010, the agreement was unilaterally terminated by Timothy Sharkbait, due to "internal reasons" which he refused to speculate on.

Flight to Federal State of A1

During the 2010 A1 Political Crisis, Timothy Sharkbait declared his and the party's allegiance to the United A1 Party. When the Federal State of A1 was declared a few days later, the DSP moved to the Federal State.

It was dissolved in October 2010.