Timothy Sharkbait

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Baron Timothy von Sharkbait
2nd Minister for Infrastructure
Assumed office:
June 2009
Preceded by: Ellen Boswell
Succeeded by: Position abolished
1st Governor of B2
Assumed office:
August 30 2009
Preceded by: -
Succeeded by: Position abolished
Personal information
Macronationality: Australian
Micronationality A1

Baron Timothy von Sharkbait is the current leader and founder of the A1 Democratic Socialist Party.


Mr. Sharkbait was made a Baron at the request of the Chairman, and upon recommendation by the Deputy Chairman, for his services rendered in helping write the original version of the A1 National Anthem.

He then concluded a power-sharing agreement with the A1 People's Party, who were in power. He left micronationalism in October 2010.

August 2009 A1 General Elections

The Democratic Socialists, as expected, gained the second most votes in the election. The party gained 10% of the total vote.