August 2010 A1 General Election

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August 2010 A1 General Election
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Chairmanship of the executive government of A1
August 2010
Political Party A1 People's Party National Party of A1
Chairman Candidate Rob Gribbon Colonel Moller
Popular Vote (%) 82% 14%

NOTE: Figures may not add due to rounding

Following the People's Congress's decision in December 2009 to change the voting period from 3–4 years to one, and the fact that the last 'official' election in March 2010, did not count towards the yearly election count set by the People's Congress, so the next general elections were held in August 2010. Voting opened on Saturday 21st August and voting closed on Wednesday 25th August.


The A1 People's Party were returned to power with a record margin of 82% of the vote. This may have been due to the lack of political parties participating in the election.