A1 Communist Party

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A1 Communist Party
LeaderViktor Kirponos
FoundedMarch 2010
Dissolved~ August 2010
HeadquartersNew Central (A1)
IdeologyA1ism, Marxism
National affiliationPro-Rob Gribbon & A1 People's Party
ColoursDark red

The A1 Communist Party was formed just before the March 2010 A1 General Election campaigns were due to begin, and registered on the day of the closing of registrations of political parties to run in the election. Little was known about its previously unknown leader, Viktor Kirponos, although he has been an A1 citizen since at least January 2010, and a great support of Chairman Rob Gribbon.

As it failed to register in the August 2010 A1 General Election, it is now considered inactive.